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Sasuke nods. Mhm, lets go then.
Itachi would wrap his arms around his love's stomach gently & helps him up to his feet.
We'd start to make our way to the bathroom. When we're bout half way Sasuke would feel a sharp kick & double over.
Itachi quickly grabs the railing of the stairs & helps his love up to his feet.
Sasuke: Thank you nii-san, lets keep going.
Itachi nods & keeps walking to the bathroom.
When we get there, Sasuke would open the door & head over to the loo, then he'd lift the seat.
Itachi helps his love go to the bathroom.
Sasuke finishes & coughs slightly. Thank you nii-san.
Itachi smiles & kisses Sasukes’ cheek. Your welcome my love.
Sasuke: Lets head to my room as it's the closest.
Itachi nods his head helping his love back to his room.
Sasuke: Thank you nii-san.
Itachi: Your welcome love -feels his hard dick move around inside of his love's ass.
Sasuke smiles as Itachis’ dick moves around inside of him. We better get there soon.
Itachi opens the door to the room before laying sideways on the bed.
Sasuke lays down with him. Nii-san what bout the baby?
Itachi: He will be ok.
Sasuke: If you say so then.
Itachi moves his hips back & forth slowly as well as softly.
Sasuke moves one of Itachis’ hands onto his dick, then he'd help him to roll over onto out knees as I support himself with his hands as well.
Itachi strokes his love's dick as he moves his a little faster while moaning.
Sasuke would start to move a little faster too & would also start to moan.
Itachi moans louder as his dick start to pulse.
Sasuke would do the same.
Itachi strokes his love's dick more.
Sasukes’ dick would start to become hard as it continues to pulse as he’d start to dribble out some of his cum.
Itachi closes his eyes tight as he release his warm cum into his love's ass.
Feeling that Itachis’ cum inside of him, Sasuke would also close my eyes as he'd cum into Itachis’ hand & onto the bed.
Itachi moves his hand away from his love's dick up to his mouth.
Sasuke’s still hard & is also sweaty.
Itachi breaths heavily as sweat falls from his body & lands onto his love's body.
Sasuke smiles. We might want to lay down again nii-san.
Itachi nods his head & lays down onto his side.
Sasuke does the same thing. Guess he's settled again...for now.
Itachi: He just wanted us to have sex.
Sasuke: Guess so then.
Itachi pulls his dick out of his love's ass before running to the bathroom & throws up blood.
Sasuke: Nii-san!
Itachi goes to his knees still throwing up blood.
Even though Sasuke’s still hard, he'd go to Itachis’ room to see if he can find any of the meds.
Pein would sitting on his bed looking at him.
Sasuke would look up over to the bed & sighs. So you knew?
Pein stood up & walks to the bathroom then grabs Itachi by the neck before dragging him outside to the backyard.
Sasuke lowers his head & follows behind them.
A huge human size cross appeared in the middle of the garden before Pein tied Itachi to the cross as five other Peins appeared around the cross.
Sasuke: ....
Pein: Itachi has betrayed the akatsuki now he must die.
Sasuke: He did it for me!
All six Peins took out swords & held them infront of Itachi.
Sasuke would stand in front of his brother with his arms out to his sides.
Pein: Move out of the way Sasuke.
Sasuke shakes his head. I'm not going to move til you let him go.
Three of the Pein would stab Itachi on each side and his chest allowing blood to be spilled onto Sasuke.
Sasuke coughs a little but still doesn't move. Please don't know anything bout his past before he met you.
Pein: He told us about his past after he joined the akatsuki.
Sasuke: ...., Not everything though.
Pein: Explain the rest.
Sasuke: Why don't you ask him that yourself.
Pein: look at him cause he isn't moving or breathing
Sasuke would turn around to look & holds him close. Nii-san...
Itachi wouldn't be moving or breathing as his blood dripped from his body onto the ground.
Sasuke holds Itachi close as he'd start to cry.
Pein: Now explain.
Sasuke tells the story & after 1hr. There, that's all of it.
Pein: Interesting -the cross started to sink into the ground taking Itachi with it-
Sasuke: Please don't take him away from me.
Pein: We have too.
Sasuke starts to cry again. But our baby, I can't do it on my own without his help.
Pein: If you join the akatsuki we will help you take care of the baby.
Sasuke sighs & holds out a cloak. You mean this?
All six Peins start to walk away while they take Sasuke with them as a gravestone with Itachi's name on it appears.
Sasuke looks over his shoulder as a red camillia would drop off & land on it. thinking to myself: I'll return one day, just wait for us nii-san.
One of the Peins set the house on fire as the rest take Sasuke to the hideout.
Sasuke would fall to his hands & knees crying.
Pein would knock Sasuke out.
Sasuke falls to the ground on his side when knocked out cold.
They would carry him to the hideout & lays him onto the low hammock.
Sasuke would remain out cold.
Two months would go by as Deidara walked into the room to check on Sasuke.
Sasuke slowly comes too.
Deidara would use a wet cloth to gently wash Sasuke's face.
Sasuke: Wha...what happend?
Deidara: Pein knocked you out for two months.
Sasuke flinches. Could I ask you to leave the room please & get him also.
Deidara: He isn't here neither is your baby.
Sasuke: Where are they?
Deidara: Konan took your baby away.
Sasuke: But why?
Deidara: She didn't say.
Sasuke: Ok -sighs- I want to see it though.
Deidara: I'm sorry I can't take you to your child.
Sasuke looks away.
Deidara: I'm sorry Sasuke
Sasuke doesn't say anything but just a cough.
Deidara: Plus the uchiha gravesite was destroyed.
Sasuke: Is it raining outside?
Deidara: No its not.
Sasuke: Please let me know when it is.
Deidara: Alrighty.
Sasuke: Was it a boy or a girl?
Deidara: A boy
Sasuke smiles. Did I say anything bout a name for him?
Deidara: No, you didn’t.
Sasuke: I know what to call him then, you already know it.
Deidara: You’ve named after your lover correct.
Sasuke nods.
Deidara: That's sweet.
Sasuke: Mhm.
Sasuke: But how did you know bout that?
Deidara: lucky guess
Sasuke sighs. You said something had happend back home?
Deidara: Well the gravesites have been destroyed.
Sasuke: who?
Deidara: Pein
Sasuke: Did he say why?
Deidara: No
Sasuke sits up & gets out of the hammock. I need to go.
Deidara: To where?
Sasukes’ eyes would change to the 3-tome sharingan. I need to leave, as I need to be alone.
Deidara: You can't leave the hideout unless someone is with you.
Sasuke: hmph!
Deidara: So I have to go with you.
Sasuke grabs his cloak & puts it on. Up to you -then pulls the hood over his head & would start to walk out of the room-
Deidara sighs & follows him.
Sasuke: I thought you didn't like uchiha.
Deidara: I don't but its Peins orders to follow you.
Sasuke sighs. Fine...whatever.
Deidara grabs Sasuke's arm & takes him to the destroyed gravesite.
Sasuke looks at it. After all that nii-san & I did to fix them up too.
Deidara: Pein burned Itachi's body.
Sasuke falls down to his knees crying his eyes out.
Deidara: I'm sorry.
While crying Sasuke would start to cough.
Deidara start to back away feeling emotioness.
Sasuke: He'd promised me that he'd never leave me alone again.
Deidara: Sometimes promises are never kept.
Sasuke: Guess so.
Deidara: So I guess its time to move on without him.
Sasuke: I've been there once before.
Deidara: Well then start moving on without him again.
Sasuke: ...
Deidara looks over at rose bush seeing the dirt move.
Deidara: Um Sasuke..
Sasuke: ...what?
Deidara: Look over at the rose bush moving.
Sasuke looks over his shoulder towards it.
The dirt continued to move.
Sasuke would get up & go over to it, then kneels near it.
A hand came out of the ground.
Sasuke: hmm... -he'd start to move the dirt to the side too-
Deidara would help him as another hand came up.
Sasuke sees a ring on the left hand. I think it's nii-san!
Deidara continued to move the dirt away.
Sasuke would grab onto their hands & holds onto them, not once letting go.
The dirt would move & the body comes out.
Sasuke looks at the body & crys again. Nii-san..
Itachi looked up at Sasuke hardly breathing.
Sasuke: What happend?
Deidara: It looks like when Pein stabbed him three times he used the remaining healing jutsu to heal himself.
Sasuke: Looks like it -helps his brother to the lake & sits him next to it-
Itachi looked at his lover.
Sasuke: Nii-san, I had our baby & named him after you.
Itachi: Where is he?
Sasuke looks over towards Deidara.
Deidara: Konan has him right now.
Sasuke would wash the wounds, then would wrap them up in bandages.
Itachi flinches badly trying to stay still.
Sasuke finishes. Nii-san, our home got burned to the ground so we don't have anywhere to live any more.
Itachi: Damn it!
Sasuke: I may still have the room you left me, but that'll be too small for our family.
Itachi: Oh?
Sasuke nods.
Itachi: Take me to it.
Sasuke nods & walks to the room that's on the outskirts of town.
Itachi follows him to it.
They’d arrive to it after 20mins.
Sasuke: This is it.
Itachi falls to his knees breathing heavily.
Sasuke hands Deidara the key & picks up my brother. Please open the door.
Deidara took the key & opens the door.
Sasuke walks in carrying his brother & places him onto the bed. Then he'd put an oxygen mask on his face to help him breath.
Itachi closed his eyes tight & start to breath the oxygen.
Sasuke: I hope this works.
Deidara: we just have to wait & see.
Sasuke: Mhm & if your hungry, please help yourself.
Deidara: I ate back at the hideout.
Sasuke: Ok. –Sasuke sits on the floor, leaning against the bed-
Itachi would fall into a deep sleep.
Sasuke: Nii-san, I'll watch over you. Just like you did with me.
Deidara walked over & makes a bed on the floor.
Sasuke tilts his head slightly. Hmm...why did you do that for?
Deidara would lay on the bed he made on the floor before falling asleep.
Sasuke sighs as he’d get up, goes into the kitchen grabs a tomato & comes back then sits back onto the floor to eat it.
Itachi would wake up finally breathing better.
Sasuke finishes eatting the tomato & smiles. You feeling any better nii-san?
Itachi nods his head.
Sasuke stands up, sits then lays down next to him. That's good.
Itachi tries to stand up but flinches.
Sasuke: Nii-san, stay still as your wounds are still healing.
Itachi nods his head & lays down again.
Being careful, Sasuke would hold his brother close to him.
Itachi flinches a little.
Sasuke: Sorry nii-san.
Itachi: It's ok.
Sasuke kisses Itachis’ cheek lightly.
Itachi smiles weakly.
Sasuke: Please get better nii-san.
Itachi: I'll try.
Sasuke: Thank you, nii-san.
Itachi: Your welcome.
Sasuke coughs.
Itachi: You ok my love?
Sasuke nods. Just a cold I think..
Itachi: Come lay down with me.
Sasuke nods & lays down next to Itachi.
Itachi holds him close.
Sasuke lays his head on Itachis’ shoulder as he’d fall asleep.
Itachi also falls back into a deep sleep.
Sasuke rolls over onto his side to face Itachi & rolls Itachi over to face him.
Itachi smiles in his sleep looking at his love.
Sasuke holds him closer as my dick touches his one.
Itachi snuggles closer to him.
Sasuke pulls their our pants down, then he puts his own dick between Itachis’ legs.
Itachi turns around so that his ass is against his love's dick.
Sasuke would slide his dick into Itachis’ ass & would hold him close.
Itachi let's out a moan bringing your hands over onto his dick.
Sasuke would start to rub the tip of Itachis’ dick.
Itachi moans loud.
Sasuke: Nii-san, what bout our guest?
Deidara is a deep sleeper he won't hear a thing.
Sasuke: If you say so then nii-san.
Itachi continues to moan.
Sasuke keeps rubbing Itachis’ dick as I start to move his hips.
Itachi moans louder as his dick would get hard.
Sasuke continues as his dick would start to get hard & pulse.
Itachi moans even louder.
Sasuke would get faster as his dick would get hard & pulse.
Itachis’ dick would start to pulse.
Sasuke would close his eyes tightly as he’d feel start to cum. I can't hold it in nii-san.
Itachi closed his eyes releasing his cum onto his love's hand.
Sasuke would do the same.
Itachi breaths heavily.
Sasuke would lay on his brothers' back also breathing heavily.
Itachi: That was amazing!
Sasuke: I agree with you nii-san.
A few months later:
Sasuke looks down at the water to see the hair tie/ribbon in the water. Nii-san...
Itachi looks down at burned down village & walks away from it as his sadness has taken over.
Sasuke gets up, walk across the water towards it then I'd pick it up when I got to it. Nii-san...I know your pain, we both share it.
Itachi continues to walk towards a different village as he blocks off his energy & chakra.
Sasuke would tie it into his own hair.
Itachi’s 1,000 miles away as years goes by.
Sasuke’s walking around by the lake.
Itachi would walk out of his house in the other village looking up at the clear sky before he puts on his black cloak, takes off running towards the mountains with the hood over his head & eyes.
Sasuke would get to the large tree that he last saw his brother, sits down with his back to it as he’d also look up at the sky as the cherry blossoms fall around me.
Itachi runs to the village & walks through it keeping his face hidden behind the hood.
Sasuke: Nii-san...where are you & why did you leave again?
The villagers would run in fear to their house seeing a man wearing a black cloak.
Sasuke gets up, walk out to the village to see what's going on.
The man looked up to see who was infront of him before he stops walking & remains quiet.
Sasuke would also stop & trys to take a look. Who are you & why are you here?
??  takes out a kunai & gets ready to attack him.
Sasuke would take out his sword but stops. That kunai, I gave that to my brother....why do you have it?
A little boy would run inbetween them as the man ran towards Sasuke, strikes the little boy killing him before jumping over him & runs towards the hokage tower.
Sasuke would put his sword back & takes after him- You going to tell me or not, as I know that fighting style too.
??’s form would disappear into black flames then he appears ontop of the mountain looking down before running back to his new home.
Sasuke stops, then starts heading back towards his home. Nii-san...where are you?
?? walks back into his home, throws the kunai into the river before laying down onto his body & closes his eyes.
When Sasuke gets home, he'd go to the bedroom & lays down, then coughs.
?? falls asleep on the bed as the villagers at the other village started talking about killing the man who killed the little boy.
Sasuke would roll over onto my left hand side as he'd close his eyes.
The villagers would grab their weapons & started walking to the man's village.
Hearing what's going on, Sasuke would get up & looks out of the window.
The man would wake up, runs towards the other village seeing people walk towards the mountain he would take out a different kunai before he starts attacking the villagers & killing them.
Sasuke would go out of the window & follows them.
He continues to kill the villagers before seeing Sasuke & jump backwards landing ontop of a house.
Sasuke looks up towards ??, seeing an anti-konoha headband. Nii-san?
His eyes would widen behind the hood before he vanishes back to his own village.
Sasuke would go inside the house to have a look around inside it to see what he could find.
The people would walk up to their family members & start to cry.
Sasuke would go into one of the rooms & sees a photo, he'd pick it up to take a closer look at it.
The man would get to house & hides in the back room.
Sasuke would cry at the photo, as it's one of his family.
?? would takes off his hood as blood tears rolled down his cheeks.
Sasuke would hear someone crying other then himself, he’d go to see if he can find the person who's crying.
The man wiped the tears from his eyes & stood up to leave his house then sets it fire before vanishing from the village.
Sasuke would also leave the house, takeing the photo with him. When he gets outside he’d see smoke & heads back to his home as he’d wipe his own tears away too.
The man appeared ontop of the mountain looking down at both villages.
Sasuke continues to go back without looking up.
The man jumped down landing next to the lake of the leaf village.
When Sasuke gets home, he'd go to his room & puts the photo on the night stand then goes out to go to the lake.
The man stood there quietly next to lake as the wind blew past him.
Sighing Sasuke would look up. Who are you & why are you here. I can also tell that you've been crying.
The man looked over at him not saying a word.
Sasuke looks stirn. What have you done with my brother?!
?? would throw a bloodstained anti-leaf village headband onto the ground next to Sasuke.
Sasuke looks down to it, then goes to pick it up. You killed him?
?? doesn't say a thing.
Sasuke: You going to tell me what happend to my brother or not?
?? starts to walk away.
Sasuke: That kunai you was his one...wasn't it?
?? points to the kunai floating in the water.
Sasuke looks at it then back towards him. Are you my brother or not?
?? continues to walk away from Sasuke.
Sasuke follows after him.
?? vanishes from the place leaving no trail behind.
Sasuke falls to his hands & knees. Not again.
?? appears 20 miles away looking down at him while blood tears rolled down his cheeks.
Sasuke gets up, goes inside & goes to his room as he'd lay down on the bed, he'd cry himself to sleep.
?? removes the hood allowing his eternal mangekyou to be seen & his long hair to fall to the middle of his back.
Sasuke keeps crying in his sleep.
A crow would fly into Sasuke's room & lands on his shoulder.
Sasuke would feel the crow land & goes to put his hand towards it.
The crow bite Sasuke's finger as it was a wild crow.
Sasuke moves his hand away & holds it in his other hand.
The crow would fly away from the house.
Sasuke rolls back over & goes back to sleep.
?? would take his necklace off & let's his blood to surround it before throwing it to Sasuke's allowing it to hit the door.
Sasuke doesn't wake up.
A little kid would pick up the necklace & looks at his mother.
Kid: Mommy look at the bloodstained necklace?
Sasuke mumbles in his sleep: Don't touch it.
The kid looked over at Sasuke & held the necklace close.
Kid: My necklace!
Sasuke rolls over to face him. It's my brothers, please put it back down.
Kid: I found it so its mine.
Sasukes’ eyes would change to the mangekyou sharingan. I said leave it alone!
The kid dropped the bloodstained necklace & ran away crying.
Sasuke would get up, picks it up & puts it over the photo on the night stand, then his eyes would go back to normal.
The blood would roll down from the necklace onto the photo.
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