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OmnilII has joined the chat
itachiuchihathefour: wb hun
OmnilII: hmm I see your already dressed up for this evening <3
OmnilII: and thanks dear
itachiuchihathefour: yw
OmnilII: so about sasuke being jealous of you, that came as a surprise to me wbu?
itachiuchihathefour: mhm, im just as surprised as u r
itachiuchihathefour: but idk why he is though
OmnilII: you and I both.
itachiuchihathefour: mhm
itachiuchihathefour: hru anyways?
OmnilII: hmm slightly hot, room temp other then that I'm okay mostly. . and yourself?
itachiuchihathefour: same
OmnilII: I see.. I hope you didn't have too much of a bad day today.. I found a lot of things confusing earlier and I also slept really early around 8PM which came as a surprise to me since I woke up 2hrs later
itachiuchihathefour: nope
itachiuchihathefour  -relaxes in ur arms on [my] couch-
OmnilII  -joins you on the couch and nuzzles your cheek-
OmnilII: was having dinner made for me.
itachiuchihathefour: kk
OmnilII: So my dearest is there anything on your mind you'd like to talk about?
itachiuchihathefour: -smh- im ok, i just want to relax in ur arms
OmnilII: -smiles and snuggles- ok anything for u love.~
itachiuchihathefour: -is relaxing in ur arms-
OmnilII: -rests my eyes and slightly dozes off snuggled with u-
itachiuchihathefour  > OmnilII: guess ur also feeling a tad frisky too huh hun
OmnilII  whispers: hmm' not really? are you feeling frisky my dear? if so you can do with me as you want as I do with you.
OmnilII  whispers: Well then lol I'd say you either noticed me or your frisky-ness is constant that goes apart with you being a bijuu
itachiuchihathefour: maybe
OmnilII: and well you could say my body is yours this evening
itachiuchihathefour: ik
OmnilII: thanks dear I love it <3
itachiuchihathefour: yvw hun -spreds my legs a bit so u can finger my vagina w/ur hand if u like-
OmnilII: -starts to finger ur vagina, as I lean over to kiss ur lips down ur neck- mmn' this may just set me frisky.~
itachiuchihathefour  moans as u finger me
OmnilII  -continues to finger u more as I kiss ur neck down ur chest & belly til I reach ur vagina, and begins to slowly eat you out
itachiuchihathefour  smiles as ud start to eat me
OmnilII  continues to eat you out and drink ur juices as they flow into my mouth, pushing my face in deeper slipping my tongue inside as deep as possible  
OmnilII  pulls down my boxers, and goes ontop of sliding my cock deep into ur womb and holds your legs wrapped around me as I begin thrusting into you.
itachiuchihathefour  groans w/each thrust u do
OmnilII  places my hand on ur breast as I moan looking into ur eyes I begin to thrust harder and slightly faster
itachiuchihathefour  keeps groaning as u thrust harder & faster, with ur hand on my brest as they'd start to lactate
OmnilII  leans forward and sucks on your breast drinking ur milk as I release cum inside ur womb filling you up.[[nnmm]] <3
itachiuchihathefour  moans ur name loudly as u'd cum & drunk from my breast
OmnilII  grins and lightly pinches on ur breast nipple with my free hand as I drink more from ur breast before nuzzling my face in ur breast looking up at u [[that's what I love to hear x3]]  
itachiuchihathefour  smiles as id fell ur knot inside me while u keep on having a drink- u liek hun?
OmnilII  -smiles and kisses ur breast softly- I enjoy it very much so my dear, I'm glad you got me frisky this evening
itachiuchihathefour  -nods- anytime hun, anytime
OmnilII  -lays ontop of you as we're both knotted- mmn <3 glad I came here tonight.
[3:56:53 PM | Edited 3:57:11 PM] Itachi chan: -tries to roll over onto my side, but is having trouble & is still deeply knotted-
hun, can we roll onto our side plz as ur a little heavy
[3:57:44 PM] ✞Ⓐⓛⓔⓧ✞: -smiles and rolls us over- <3
[3:59:41 PM] Itachi chan: ty hun -rests in ur arms, still heavily & deeply knotted to you. then i'd reach behind me to grab the buttplug-
[4:02:16 PM] ✞Ⓐⓛⓔⓧ✞: -nuzzles your neck and kisses your ear- anytime dear ^^
[4:02:18 PM] ✞Ⓐⓛⓔⓧ✞: <3
[4:03:04 PM] Itachi chan: -passes u the plug- u know what to do with it hun
[4:04:01 PM] ✞Ⓐⓛⓔⓧ✞: -pushes the plug up ur butt and kisses ur neck softly as I do- mmn.~ yes yes I do know my dearest.
[4:05:45 PM] Itachi chan: -softly moans as ud push the plug into my ass, as you knot goes deeper in my vagina making me pee a little w/some of my cum too-
[4:09:33 PM] ✞Ⓐⓛⓔⓧ✞: -moans as you wet my cock with your cum/pee. I'd begin to cum as you do nuzzling your neck and shoulder, rubbing my hand on ur arm and closing my eyes slowly-
-feeling our cum fill my belly, i'd slowly close my eyes w/ur knot deep inside my vagina-

.:: The next day ::.
OmnilII  walks over towards sleeping kura
OmnilII  snuggles with her quietly nuzzling her nose
itachiuchihathefour  licks ur nose in my sleep when u nuzzled mine
OmnilII  licks your lips up on towards your cheek snuggling you closely
itachiuchihathefour -feels ur knot & cock pulseing inside me-
OmnilII -moans and stays ever so closely towards you as I push in a bit moving inside u deeper- <3 you dear
itachiuchihathefour: <3 u too hun
itachiuchihathefour  -pees in my sleep w/ur hard cock & knot deep inside of me-
OmnilII  -cums inside you feeling the warm sensation of ur pee all over me & licks ur head closing my eyes enjoying every moment-
itachiuchihathefour  feels ur cum filling up my belly as i'd continue to pee in my sleep
OmnilII  ish fast asleep as I hold you closely on my chest sleeping with you
itachiuchihathefour  finishes peeing as id fall into a deep sleep while heavily knotted w/u & in ur arms on ur chest
OmnilII  smiles feeling you finish peeing and stays snuggled ever so close to you <3
itachiuchihathefour  my breasts would also be heavy w/milk
OmnilII  opens his eyes as he gets a bit thirsty as he'd lean down towards your breast and begin to lightly press on them with my hands as I put your breast in my mouth sucking on them softly
itachiuchihathefour  is fast asleep as ud took a drink
OmnilII  smiles and kisses your neck nuzzling you
itachiuchihathefour   -farts w/the plug in my ass, while heavily knotted to- keep the plug in my ass hun  
OmnilII   -kisses your face and nuzzles you- okay my dear <3
itachiuchihathefour: that's the person i was talking bout granpa
Guest_tessaysjryss: and no im not afk  and nor was i when u booted sakurahinomoris niece
Guest_tessaysjryss: she my aunt and her brother is leviford2015
Guest_tessaysjryss: and leviford2015 other brother theradiantone is my grandpa
Guest_tessaysjryss: and u could of asked me if  i was loaded
Guest_tessaysjryss: befor booting
Guest_tessaysjryss: cause i wasnt done loading when u did it
Guest_tessaysjryss: witch is rude
christopherlewisred: so your the one
Guest_tessaysjryss: yes im sakurahinomori's niece
Guest_tessaysjryss: and  im also a good persion   just   i dont like it when people piss me or family or friends off cause thats when my other side comes out but ither then that im  a very very nier persion  it was just rude  that u booted me when i wasnt even done loading in to the room
Guest_tessaysjryss: and my aunt will find out
Guest_tessaysjryss: i can tell u guys arent human ither
christopherlewisred: ....
Guest_tessaysjryss: cause i am not human ither
Guest_tessaysjryss: if u wish to see what i mean
itachiuchihathefour: we're shinobi
Guest_tessaysjryss: im a vampire demon that protects family and friends and the ones  i love  even my
christopherlewisred: ...
Guest_tessaysjryss: familys friends i protect
christopherlewisred: indra who is this person
Guest_tessaysjryss: well i was groing up i was told and trained to use my stuff and powers for good not evil
itachiuchihathefour: idk
Guest_tessaysjryss: im sakurahinomoris niece
Guest_tessaysjryss: im sakurahinomori niece
Guest_tessaysjryss: and he booted be from a room  i just enter and i didnt even have to time load in to say hi cause he though i was afk
Guest_tessaysjryss: and didnt even think to wait and see if i was loaded or  not
Guest_tessaysjryss: and  my aunt  sakurahinomori  will find out   about it
itachiuchihathefour: Kaguya's my granma, who also weilds the 10-tails, the Juubi
christopherlewisred: ...
christopherlewisred: indra
Guest_tessaysjryss: and hangs out at the great plaines battlefield
Guest_tessaysjryss: yes shes my aunt
itachiuchihathefour: I dont go into an 3D rooms
Guest_tessaysjryss: she dose
itachiuchihathefour: hmm..yes granpa?
Guest_tessaysjryss: this ik
Guest_tessaysjryss: i go there with her
christopherlewisred: indra can you tell her who i am
Guest_tessaysjryss: y dont u tell me who u r
itachiuchihathefour: ur my granpa, ik that much
christopherlewisred: yes
Guest_tessaysjryss: will u 2 like to meet my aunt   im sakurahinomori brother
Guest_tessaysjryss: gose by the name leviford2015
itachiuchihathefour: granpa also holds the 10-tails too
Guest_tessaysjryss: my dad is MriaiGohanI   sscgoku is my uncle  and   im sakurahinomori is my aunt   theradiantone is my grandpa and pinkradiantskies is my granma
christopherlewisred: grandson will it be so kind to tell her who i am
itachiuchihathefour: just did
Guest_tessaysjryss: he just said he only knows as much as that ur his grandpa
Guest_tessaysjryss: that  i get
itachiuchihathefour: coz u were too buzy talking
Guest_tessaysjryss: but ither then that   who r  u really to my aunt   im sakurahinomori
christopherlewisred: ....
christopherlewisred: okay the sakurahinomori have a nice day
itachiuchihathefour: annoying bitch
christopherlewisred: i hate wen they do that shit
itachiuchihathefour: same
christopherlewisred: indeed
itachiuchihathefour: even when im tempemental atm
christopherlewisred: shes  sakurahinomori her family is sakurahinomori shes annoying
itachiuchihathefour: mhm
christopherlewisred: well shes gone know so she wont be a bother
itachiuchihathefour: mhm
christopherlewisred: people who can talk follishness about family and friends really have some problem
christopherlewisred: for a girl like her she annoying
itachiuchihathefour: mhm
itachiuchihathefour: -sits in the tree, trying to relax-
christopherlewisred: sure
christopherlewisred: by the way have you talk to your brother
itachiuchihathefour: not of late
itachiuchihathefour: as we both been buzy w/things
christopherlewisred: i see
itachiuchihathefour: yep
christopherlewisred: but as he come online
itachiuchihathefour: ik
christopherlewisred: hmm
christopherlewisred: brb am going to take a shower
itachiuchihathefour: tyt
itachiuchihathefour: morning
KaguyaTsutsui: Evening..
itachiuchihathefour: hru?
KaguyaTsutsui: Ok now my computer is fixed
itachiuchihathefour: kool
KaguyaTsutsui: My HD blew out last night
Guest_KitTaylor2: -starts coughing in my [rp] sleep- [[morning]]
LadyKushina: Itachi :( still sick?
LadyKushina: And that Az guy's still in the other room ...  that's irritating...
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: morning itachi
EnigmaticDarkSoul: morning nii-san
Guest_KitTaylor2: -slowly wakes up from my coughing fit & weakly talks- morning
LadyKushina: :( ....
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: you ok itachi?
Guest_KitTaylor2: -nods- i'll be fine
Guest_KitTaylor2: whisper to mum, that i'm both rp & irl sick
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: -kisses itachi forehead-
Guest_KitTaylor2: -smiles slightly as i'd close my eyes-
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: you will be better son
Guest_KitTaylor2: ik
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: :)
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: welcome
Guest_ashleycrocker: Hey mew two
Guest_ashleycrocker: Mewtwo
Mewtwo: What?
Guest_ashleycrocker: I love mewtwo and anime it is awesome
Guest_ashleycrocker: And so is manga
Guest_ashleycrocker: Sorry I bothered u
Mewtwo: You didnt.
Guest_ashleycrocker: I just think people from Japan really know how to make good anime
LadyKushina: <.<...
LadyKushina: >.>
xXxEiramxXx: hi.
Mewtwo: Greetings..
LadyKushina: hi there
Guest_ashleycrocker: I thought u were cool is why I wanted to talk to you
Mewtwo: Well thanks, you seem nice.
Mewtwo: You can sit.. If you like.
Mewtwo: Im just not very good at being social
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am on my phone so I can
Guest_ashleycrocker: Can't
Guest_KitTaylor2: -sits up to take something w/water & then lays back down again-
Mewtwo: I see.
LadyKushina: : (
Guest_ashleycrocker: Hey Taylor
Guest_ashleycrocker: So mewtwo what type anime do you like
LadyKushina: You just took your medication Itachi?
Mewtwo: Well, I sent you a friend request, you can accept it if you like and talk to me again.
Guest_KitTaylor2: mhm, that's what i just did
Guest_ashleycrocker: U like naruto Taylor
Guest_KitTaylor2: .....
Guest_ashleycrocker: I like naruto too
Guest_ashleycrocker: Ur outfit
Mewtwo: I like alot of anime..
Guest_ashleycrocker: It is from naruto
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[also it's Itachi atm]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I like high school of the dead
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: brb
Mewtwo: tyt
Mewtwo: that was a good one
Guest_KitTaylor2: hb if u can mum
Guest_ashleycrocker: Those women have nice breast
Mewtwo: Lol.. Well that's random but ya I guess.
Guest_ashleycrocker: And I am a girl so I would know and man they kick ass
LadyKushina: -facepalm-
LadyKushina: very random
Guest_ashleycrocker: I love Pokemon too
LadyKushina: and sorry for the lack of talking...  I'm sleepy for some reason
LadyKushina: and I slept last night
Mewtwo: brb
LadyKushina: tyt
Guest_ashleycrocker: So Taylor
LadyKushina: Itachi *
Guest_KitTaylor2: -sneezes-
Guest_ashleycrocker: God bless you
Guest_KitTaylor2: ty
LadyKushina: brb
Guest_KitTaylor2: tyt
Guest_ashleycrocker: -slaps his ass-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Taylor u got a nice ass
Guest_KitTaylor2: -swats ur hand away be4 u can-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Oh damn nice moves
Guest_KitTaylor2: .no shit sherlock
Guest_ashleycrocker: Oh damn I like how u talk to me
Guest_ashleycrocker: -stares into his eyes-
Guest_ashleycrocker: -slowly walks towards him in a hypnotic state-
Guest_KitTaylor2: -glares back w/my sharingan-
Guest_ashleycrocker: -holds out my hand-
Guest_KitTaylor2: u'd loose to an Uchiha it u'd have a stareing contest w/them
WolfUchiha: Heyooo :o
Guest_ashleycrocker: Nice to meet you Taylor
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[ITACHI GDI!!]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am not having a staring contest
Guest_ashleycrocker: And I like ur eyes
Guest_ashleycrocker: -caress his faced-
WolfUchiha: ... i assume everyone else is either afk or some shit? :o
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -draws my sword out and puts it against ashleys throat- leave my brother alone
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachigdi
Guest_ashleycrocker: -disappeared-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Appears behind her
LadyKushina: I'm back
LadyKushina: And Ashley...
LadyKushina: Quit picking on Itachi
Guest_ashleycrocker: Dark soul calm down I won't hurt ur brother I have no plans to hurt ur brother
Guest_KitTaylor2: to puke up blood or not...idk
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am not picking on him I like him
Guest_KitTaylor2: i can't go shopping...think u could get me the half-blind eyes from Shinobi's shop plz?
LadyKushina: Yes well, have you thought that maybe he prefers not to be slapped on the ass or touched?
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Sasuke rennigan glows and he appears behind her- limbo
LadyKushina: By someone he doesn't even know?
Guest_ashleycrocker: -disappears-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[-voids- u can't move if ur in sasuke's limbo]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: Appears on my hands and knees
LadyKushina: -pinches bridge of nose- ....
Guest_ashleycrocker: -head bowed at itachigdi-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[Just 'Itachi' is fine]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am sorry itachigdi I was just trying to flirt with you is all I am truly sorry
Guest_KitTaylor2: -turns around & walks away only to cough up some blood- i have a wife
LadyKushina: <.<
Guest_ashleycrocker: -let me go he needs help
LadyKushina: -pats Itachi's back gently- ...
LadyKushina: He just said he had a wife, you know! > :(
Guest_ashleycrocker: Don't u will make it worse
LadyKushina: <.<
LadyKushina: >.>
Guest_ashleycrocker: Ur brother needs help and I can help him
Guest_ashleycrocker: Do you really want to hold me here
LadyKushina: It's gentle pats like a mother would her child... =,....,= Not to say that I'm his mother but I am A mother
EnigmaticDarkSoul: leave my brother alone
Guest_ashleycrocker: He needs to be healed
Guest_ashleycrocker: I can heal him I swear if I can't u can kill me
EnigmaticDarkSoul: LEAVE!
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi
Guest_ashleycrocker: U r going to kill him by not letting me help
LadyKushina: -glares at her- ....
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi
Guest_KitTaylor2: leave me alone
LadyKushina: Ashley...
LadyKushina: Kindly leave now
LadyKushina: You're upsetting them
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Sasuke right eyes changes to his EMS-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi u r going to......... Fine but I have seen this before it is only a matter of time
EnigmaticDarkSoul: eye*
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi I tryied to help
LadyKushina: >: I ...
Guest_ashleycrocker: Heals my wounds and leaves
Guest_KitTaylor2: i don't need ur help
Guest_KitTaylor2: -flops down onto the bed passing out-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[-is going bk to sleep- nini 4 now & Kushina, sorry if i made [ur] Kurama moody & upset]]
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((nini))
LadyKushina: It's alright, just get some sleep and focus on getting better^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: ty
LadyKushina: ^^ -lightly pats Itachi's back before offering a smile to Sasuke and returns to her seat-
AkuuhChanHinata: Heyo
LadyKushina: <.<
LadyKushina: >.>
Guest_Kirin4365: ... Hallo.
AkuuhChanHinata: <.<??
LadyKushina: Saving this seat for Dark
AkuuhChanHinata: XD
AkuuhChanHinata: I'll hug Alex's tema pillow
LadyKushina: I'm serious, a girl came here earlier and looked to be flirting with
LadyKushina: Itachi ..
AkuuhChanHinata: o.o
AkuuhChanHinata: kirin?
LadyKushina: It upset them both...
LadyKushina: anyway brb really quick
AkuuhChanHinata: Tyt
Guest_Kirin4365: Hm?
AkuuhChanHinata: Are you okay?
AkuuhChanHinata: Weba widget
Guest_Kirin4365: Yeah.
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Heyu
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: My computer won't load /.\
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Mines being iffy too
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: Xp
AkuuhChanHinata: mine too
AkuuhChanHinata: >-<
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: Punch me in the face >.<
Guest_Kirin4365: It's probably the servers messing up.
AkuuhChanHinata: Yeah.
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: NO, you'd like it too much
AkuuhChanHinata: o.o?
AkuuhChanHinata: Damn my outfit is loading Dx
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[laggy]] -slowly starts to wake up-
LadyKushina: back
AkuuhChanHinata: No.
AkuuhChanHinata: :I
AkuuhChanHinata: Weba
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Is that spam?
AkuuhChanHinata: Mhm
Guest_KitTaylor2: wb
LadyKushina: Itachi, I'm saving your brother's seat, if that's okay?
LadyKushina: Thank you Hinata ^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: -nods- it's fine, he just went to do some shopping
LadyKushina: ^^ Alright
LadyKushina: I'll stay here at his seat as long as you'll allow
LadyKushina: and when he returns I'll move
Guest_KitTaylor2: np & wb mum
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: thanks son
AkuuhChanHinata: yw ^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: yw
AkuuhChanHinata: Heyo Mikoto
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hey hinata
LadyKushina: Welcome back Mikoto ^^
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: thank you kushina ^^
LadyKushina: ^^
LadyKushina: You're welcome
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: whats going on?
AkuuhChanHinata: Nothing much. im at the shop
AkuuhChanHinata: wyd?
LadyKushina: Just guarding your eldest son from flirty girls
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: im listening music thx
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: oh ?? flirty girls?
LadyKushina: One was in here earlier and doing just that earlier >.>
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: who was? what she did?
LadyKushina: Sasuke and Itachi both were growing upset and using their eyes to fight her back, but she dismissed their counters for the most part
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: oh god no, why my sons are so perfect ~.~ oh well..
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: sure itachi
AkuuhChanHinata: brb making hinata outfit ~.~
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[tyt]]
LadyKushina: Momma~~~
LadyKushina: :o
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: tyt
LadyKushina: tyt
SailorPluto: hun ^^
LadyKushina: ^^
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hey welcome SailorPluto
SailorPluto: Hello : )
LadyKushina: Momma, I'm guarding Itachi from flirtacious girls right now :o
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: :DDD
LadyKushina: They'll have to go through the red hot habenero if they want Itachi ^^
LadyKushina: habanero *
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hahaha ow kushi
LadyKushina: ^^ hee hee...
SailorPluto: Oh I see lol
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Sailor Pluto.. I love the hair
SailorPluto: Ty
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: its actually nice
LadyKushina: >.>


Light Venusaur
Current Residence: Konoha & Risembool (this is not where I live)
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: ANY!
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons (not DB/Z/GT), FMA, Pokemon or Naruto
Skin of choice: Water Pokemon-SPPF
Favourite cartoon character: FMA-Ed, PKMN-Eeveelutions
Personal Quote: RED DWAN (as I'm a Risembool Ranger)
Yeah, as you can tell I haven't done a journal for almost 1yr.
I got AUD$200 (AUD$150 check & AUD$50 in cash), a dragonfly charm/necklace & chocolates.
Then I log in today (7/7/14) & found out that I've got a mention on the :iconall-naruto-cosplay: best picture for the week ((all-naruto-cosplay.deviantart.…)) & I came in 3rd place.
This have never happend to me before.

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