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Guest_KitTaylor2: -starts coughing in my [rp] sleep- [[morning]]
LadyKushina: Itachi :( still sick?
LadyKushina: And that Az guy's still in the other room ...  that's irritating...
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: morning itachi
EnigmaticDarkSoul: morning nii-san
Guest_KitTaylor2: -slowly wakes up from my coughing fit & weakly talks- morning
LadyKushina: :( ....
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: you ok itachi?
Guest_KitTaylor2: -nods- i'll be fine
Guest_KitTaylor2: whisper to mum, that i'm both rp & irl sick
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: -kisses itachi forehead-
Guest_KitTaylor2: -smiles slightly as i'd close my eyes-
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: you will be better son
Guest_KitTaylor2: ik
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: :)
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: welcome
Guest_ashleycrocker: Hey mew two
Guest_ashleycrocker: Mewtwo
Mewtwo: What?
Guest_ashleycrocker: I love mewtwo and anime it is awesome
Guest_ashleycrocker: And so is manga
Guest_ashleycrocker: Sorry I bothered u
Mewtwo: You didnt.
Guest_ashleycrocker: I just think people from Japan really know how to make good anime
LadyKushina: <.<...
LadyKushina: >.>
xXxEiramxXx: hi.
Mewtwo: Greetings..
LadyKushina: hi there
Guest_ashleycrocker: I thought u were cool is why I wanted to talk to you
Mewtwo: Well thanks, you seem nice.
Mewtwo: You can sit.. If you like.
Mewtwo: Im just not very good at being social
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am on my phone so I can
Guest_ashleycrocker: Can't
Guest_KitTaylor2: -sits up to take something w/water & then lays back down again-
Mewtwo: I see.
LadyKushina: : (
Guest_ashleycrocker: Hey Taylor
Guest_ashleycrocker: So mewtwo what type anime do you like
LadyKushina: You just took your medication Itachi?
Mewtwo: Well, I sent you a friend request, you can accept it if you like and talk to me again.
Guest_KitTaylor2: mhm, that's what i just did
Guest_ashleycrocker: U like naruto Taylor
Guest_KitTaylor2: .....
Guest_ashleycrocker: I like naruto too
Guest_ashleycrocker: Ur outfit
Mewtwo: I like alot of anime..
Guest_ashleycrocker: It is from naruto
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[also it's Itachi atm]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I like high school of the dead
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: brb
Mewtwo: tyt
Mewtwo: that was a good one
Guest_KitTaylor2: hb if u can mum
Guest_ashleycrocker: Those women have nice breast
Mewtwo: Lol.. Well that's random but ya I guess.
Guest_ashleycrocker: And I am a girl so I would know and man they kick ass
LadyKushina: -facepalm-
LadyKushina: very random
Guest_ashleycrocker: I love Pokemon too
LadyKushina: and sorry for the lack of talking...  I'm sleepy for some reason
LadyKushina: and I slept last night
Mewtwo: brb
LadyKushina: tyt
Guest_ashleycrocker: So Taylor
LadyKushina: Itachi *
Guest_KitTaylor2: -sneezes-
Guest_ashleycrocker: God bless you
Guest_KitTaylor2: ty
LadyKushina: brb
Guest_KitTaylor2: tyt
Guest_ashleycrocker: -slaps his ass-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Taylor u got a nice ass
Guest_KitTaylor2: -swats ur hand away be4 u can-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Oh damn nice moves
Guest_KitTaylor2: .no shit sherlock
Guest_ashleycrocker: Oh damn I like how u talk to me
Guest_ashleycrocker: -stares into his eyes-
Guest_ashleycrocker: -slowly walks towards him in a hypnotic state-
Guest_KitTaylor2: -glares back w/my sharingan-
Guest_ashleycrocker: -holds out my hand-
Guest_KitTaylor2: u'd loose to an Uchiha it u'd have a stareing contest w/them
WolfUchiha: Heyooo :o
Guest_ashleycrocker: Nice to meet you Taylor
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[ITACHI GDI!!]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am not having a staring contest
Guest_ashleycrocker: And I like ur eyes
Guest_ashleycrocker: -caress his faced-
WolfUchiha: ... i assume everyone else is either afk or some shit? :o
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -draws my sword out and puts it against ashleys throat- leave my brother alone
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachigdi
Guest_ashleycrocker: -disappeared-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Appears behind her
LadyKushina: I'm back
LadyKushina: And Ashley...
LadyKushina: Quit picking on Itachi
Guest_ashleycrocker: Dark soul calm down I won't hurt ur brother I have no plans to hurt ur brother
Guest_KitTaylor2: to puke up blood or not...idk
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am not picking on him I like him
Guest_KitTaylor2: i can't go shopping...think u could get me the half-blind eyes from Shinobi's shop plz?
LadyKushina: Yes well, have you thought that maybe he prefers not to be slapped on the ass or touched?
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Sasuke rennigan glows and he appears behind her- limbo
LadyKushina: By someone he doesn't even know?
Guest_ashleycrocker: -disappears-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[-voids- u can't move if ur in sasuke's limbo]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: Appears on my hands and knees
LadyKushina: -pinches bridge of nose- ....
Guest_ashleycrocker: -head bowed at itachigdi-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[Just 'Itachi' is fine]]
Guest_ashleycrocker: I am sorry itachigdi I was just trying to flirt with you is all I am truly sorry
Guest_KitTaylor2: -turns around & walks away only to cough up some blood- i have a wife
LadyKushina: <.<
Guest_ashleycrocker: -let me go he needs help
LadyKushina: -pats Itachi's back gently- ...
LadyKushina: He just said he had a wife, you know! > :(
Guest_ashleycrocker: Don't u will make it worse
LadyKushina: <.<
LadyKushina: >.>
Guest_ashleycrocker: Ur brother needs help and I can help him
Guest_ashleycrocker: Do you really want to hold me here
LadyKushina: It's gentle pats like a mother would her child... =,....,= Not to say that I'm his mother but I am A mother
EnigmaticDarkSoul: leave my brother alone
Guest_ashleycrocker: He needs to be healed
Guest_ashleycrocker: I can heal him I swear if I can't u can kill me
EnigmaticDarkSoul: LEAVE!
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi
Guest_ashleycrocker: U r going to kill him by not letting me help
LadyKushina: -glares at her- ....
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi
Guest_KitTaylor2: leave me alone
LadyKushina: Ashley...
LadyKushina: Kindly leave now
LadyKushina: You're upsetting them
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Sasuke right eyes changes to his EMS-
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi u r going to......... Fine but I have seen this before it is only a matter of time
EnigmaticDarkSoul: eye*
Guest_ashleycrocker: Itachi I tryied to help
LadyKushina: >: I ...
Guest_ashleycrocker: Heals my wounds and leaves
Guest_KitTaylor2: i don't need ur help
Guest_KitTaylor2: -flops down onto the bed passing out-
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[-is going bk to sleep- nini 4 now & Kushina, sorry if i made [ur] Kurama moody & upset]]
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((nini))
LadyKushina: It's alright, just get some sleep and focus on getting better^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: ty
LadyKushina: ^^ -lightly pats Itachi's back before offering a smile to Sasuke and returns to her seat-
AkuuhChanHinata: Heyo
LadyKushina: <.<
LadyKushina: >.>
Guest_Kirin4365: ... Hallo.
AkuuhChanHinata: <.<??
LadyKushina: Saving this seat for Dark
AkuuhChanHinata: XD
AkuuhChanHinata: I'll hug Alex's tema pillow
LadyKushina: I'm serious, a girl came here earlier and looked to be flirting with
LadyKushina: Itachi ..
AkuuhChanHinata: o.o
AkuuhChanHinata: kirin?
LadyKushina: It upset them both...
LadyKushina: anyway brb really quick
AkuuhChanHinata: Tyt
Guest_Kirin4365: Hm?
AkuuhChanHinata: Are you okay?
AkuuhChanHinata: Weba widget
Guest_Kirin4365: Yeah.
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Heyu
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: My computer won't load /.\
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Mines being iffy too
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: Xp
AkuuhChanHinata: mine too
AkuuhChanHinata: >-<
Guest_xTwistedDr3amsx: Punch me in the face >.<
Guest_Kirin4365: It's probably the servers messing up.
AkuuhChanHinata: Yeah.
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: NO, you'd like it too much
AkuuhChanHinata: o.o?
AkuuhChanHinata: Damn my outfit is loading Dx
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[laggy]] -slowly starts to wake up-
LadyKushina: back
AkuuhChanHinata: No.
AkuuhChanHinata: :I
AkuuhChanHinata: Weba
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Is that spam?
AkuuhChanHinata: Mhm
Guest_KitTaylor2: wb
LadyKushina: Itachi, I'm saving your brother's seat, if that's okay?
LadyKushina: Thank you Hinata ^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: -nods- it's fine, he just went to do some shopping
LadyKushina: ^^ Alright
LadyKushina: I'll stay here at his seat as long as you'll allow
LadyKushina: and when he returns I'll move
Guest_KitTaylor2: np & wb mum
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: thanks son
AkuuhChanHinata: yw ^^
Guest_KitTaylor2: yw
AkuuhChanHinata: Heyo Mikoto
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hey hinata
LadyKushina: Welcome back Mikoto ^^
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: thank you kushina ^^
LadyKushina: ^^
LadyKushina: You're welcome
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: whats going on?
AkuuhChanHinata: Nothing much. im at the shop
AkuuhChanHinata: wyd?
LadyKushina: Just guarding your eldest son from flirty girls
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: im listening music thx
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: oh ?? flirty girls?
LadyKushina: One was in here earlier and doing just that earlier >.>
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: who was? what she did?
LadyKushina: Sasuke and Itachi both were growing upset and using their eyes to fight her back, but she dismissed their counters for the most part
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: oh god no, why my sons are so perfect ~.~ oh well..
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: sure itachi
AkuuhChanHinata: brb making hinata outfit ~.~
Guest_KitTaylor2: [[tyt]]
LadyKushina: Momma~~~
LadyKushina: :o
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: tyt
LadyKushina: tyt
SailorPluto: hun ^^
LadyKushina: ^^
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hey welcome SailorPluto
SailorPluto: Hello : )
LadyKushina: Momma, I'm guarding Itachi from flirtacious girls right now :o
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: :DDD
LadyKushina: They'll have to go through the red hot habenero if they want Itachi ^^
LadyKushina: habanero *
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: hahaha ow kushi
LadyKushina: ^^ hee hee...
SailorPluto: Oh I see lol
Guest_WidgetTheMidgetSif: Sailor Pluto.. I love the hair
SailorPluto: Ty
Guest_xXMikotoUchihaXxx: its actually nice
LadyKushina: >.>


Light Venusaur
Current Residence: Konoha & Risembool (this is not where I live)
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: ANY!
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons (not DB/Z/GT), FMA, Pokemon or Naruto
Skin of choice: Water Pokemon-SPPF
Favourite cartoon character: FMA-Ed, PKMN-Eeveelutions
Personal Quote: RED DWAN (as I'm a Risembool Ranger)
Yeah, as you can tell I haven't done a journal for almost 1yr.
I got AUD$200 (AUD$150 check & AUD$50 in cash), a dragonfly charm/necklace & chocolates.
Then I log in today (7/7/14) & found out that I've got a mention on the :iconall-naruto-cosplay: best picture for the week ((all-naruto-cosplay.deviantart.…)) & I came in 3rd place.
This have never happend to me before.

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