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Chocotini - All by LV9
Chocotini - All
Vdex project's Easter 2015's event.


They'll be adoptable from the 10th of May 2015

Eeveelutions by LV9
[[Or I'll put my watermark on the original picture]]

These are adpotable.

Points for adopting.

Eevee - 50
Vaporeon - 100
Jolteon - 100
Flareon - 100
Espeon - 150
Umbreon- 150
Leafeon - 150
Glaceon 200
Sylveon - 300

1. Eevee
Extra info:
Why you want it:

2. Vaporeon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

3. Jolteon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

4. Flareon
Extra info:
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5. Espeon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

6. Umbreon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

7. Leafeon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

8. Glaceon
Extra info:
Why you want it:

9. Sylveon
Extra info:
Why you want it:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Sakura touches Sasukes’ cheek & removes her dress revealing a swimsuit.
Sasuke pulls Sakura down onto his lap.
Sakura: Like what you see Uchiha?
Sasuke nods.
Sakura smirks. I knew you would.
Sasuke: mhm -he'd rub the inside of Sakuras’ leg-
Sakura moans while spreading her legs. Sasuke...
Sasuke: hmm...yes hun?
Sakura grabs Sasukes’ cock.
Sasuke: Heh....oh, you ok hun?
Sakura rubs his cock more while on his lap- I’m wonderful.
While Sasuke’s moaning. If you say so then hun.
Sakura touches the tip of Sasukes’ cock & kisses his lips-
Saskue closes his eyes & kisses Sakura back.
Sakura would keep pumping Sasukes’ cock as thier tongues meets -HM mm
Muffeld by kissing Sakura, Sasuke would moan more. Mmmmmfffmmmmm.
Sakura moans while sucking his lower lip.
Sasuke moans a bit louder as his cock would start to go hard.
Sakura feels his size has large making her have pleasure shock on her face. You’ve gotten bigger.
Sasuke: heh.
Sakura bites his neck. hn its a good thing. -Sakura unlaces her swimsuit & leaving her bare-
Sasuke'd reach down with his hand & would start to rub Sakuras’ pussy.
Sakura lets a quiet scream. are a master with your hands.
Sasuke: mhm, I know that I am. -as he’d kept rubbing Sakuras’ pussy, he'd finger her too while his cock would go hard & start to twitch-
Sakura smirks with a pleasure face. Do you want be on ahh top for the first round? -feels herself getting wet-
Sasuke: Up to u hun -fingers Sakura faster, as he’d feel her getting wet-
Sakura: Your ready for me Sasuke kun ahhh mm?
Sasuke nods trying not to cum in Sakuras’ hand.
Sakura spreads her legs & pushes herself into him.
Sasuke'd put his arms around Sakura’s shoulders & would move his hips as he'd start to make love with her.
Sakura moves her hips up & down forcefully, grabs his hair- mmmffmm
While makeing love Sasukes’ cock would go harder inside of Sakura. Ooohhh....yeah...
Sakura: Sasu AHH uke have double your AHH SIZE its almost painful..BUT-moans with pleasure- I can’t get enough of you.
Sasuke: sorry....oooo....hhh....hun -his cock would twitch as he'd start to cum inside of Sakura-
Sakura: It’s AHH alright!!!!! -juices squirt around him & falls on his chest-
Sasuke'd hold her close as he'd cum inside Sakura as she'd cum too-
Sakura’s panting heavyy but smiles. Sasuke...kun...
Sasuke holds Sakura close as he'd be sweaty- yes hun?
Sakura:’s lovely here.
Sasuke: Thank you hun
Sakura: I’m on a pill so I’m all yours.
Sasuke'd slide his cock out of Sakuras’ pussy- Ok hun, mind rolling over plz as I'd like to try something.
Sakura does as she told and lays on her somtach.
Sasuke'd put the head of his cock near Sakuras’ butt- let me know if it hurts hun -then he’d slide the head of his cock inside of it-
Sakura covers her mouth with her hand with tears running down with pleasure.
Sasuke'd start rubbing his cock while slowly slideing it a bit deeper inside of Sakuras’ butt. He'd also start to suck on her neck-
Sakura: SASUKE AHH KUN –She’d grabs the bed sheets & arches her hips up-
Sasuke'd stop rubbing his cock as he'd slide it all the way inside of Sakura, then he'd start to make love with her again.
As Sasuke'd fuck Sakura faster as his cock would get hard again as he'd finger Sakuras’ pussy.
Sakura cums even more & juices flow on the sheets, she’d moves her hips back & foward. DAMN IT SASUKE KUN you are amazing!
Sasuke'd do the same filling Sakuras’ ass up. Thank you hun & so are you.
Sakura: SASUKE KUN! -panting heavy falling on the bed, closes her eyes & juices flow out-
Sasuke pulls something from the box that's under the bed. He'd pull his cock out Sakuras’ butt & would put a butt plug in it's place- yes hun?
Sakura: I don’t..much I can take.....
Sasuke: You ok hun?
Sakura: I’m..wonderful..just heavy with juices...
Sasuke nods. Ok then hun. Do you want to go outside to rest or in here?
Sakura: Clean me up Sasuke kun.
Sasuke nods as he’d lick Sakuras’ pussy clean with his tounge.
Sakura moans with a smile.
While Sasuke’s licking Sakuras’ pussy. Do you like this hun?
Sakura nods & slowly falls asleep.
Sasuke'd lick inside Sakuras’ pussy while his nose rubs her clitorious.
Sakura’s fast asleep with smile on her face.
Sasuke licks her faster.
Sakura slowly wakes up feeling something licking her- hm?
While Sasuke’s licking Sakuras’ pussy. It's only me hun.
Sakura sighs with relief while moaning.
Sasuke stops licking Sakuras’ pussy. Your clean hun.
Sakura: Thank you sasuke kun...
Sasuke: Your very welcome hun
Sakura plays with his hair. I love you Sasuke Uchiha.
Sasuke: Is there something you'd like do with me or we can go outside if you’d like & I ♥ you too hun.
Sakura kisses his cheek. Why are you the gentleman..maybe a walk or be near by the water.
Sasuke'd grab a strap-on double-sided dildo, puts one side of it inside Sakuras’ pussy & then would help her outside.
[[LV’s edit: as Sasuke doesn’t want any of his cum to leak out of Sakura, that’s why her butt & pussy are blocked by the buttplug & dildo]]
Sakura smiles while putting a sweater on.
Sasuke: Hope their not hurting you hun.
Sakura: They hurt, but just a little.
Sasuke: We'll go for walk round the lake & then you can have a rest.
Sakura: I’m fine really.
After walking around the lake, Sasuke helps Sakura into to the bed where she’d fall asleep in his arms & as he'd hold Sakura close, his cock would press against the buttplug that’s in Sakuras’ butt.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Guest_zellykitten has joined the chat
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXox has joined the chat
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXox: Wb
Guest_zellykitten: weba
itachiuchihathefour: ty
itachiuchihathefour: i crashed
Guest_zellykitten: figured
itachiuchihathefour: kk
Guest_zellykitten: *throws a pillow at jes*
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXoxGuest_xoXOSebastianOXox WhisperAdd Friend: o.o *catches it*
Guest_zellykitten: o_o
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXoxGuest_xoXOSebastianOXox WhisperAdd Friend: *tosses it back*
Guest_zellykitten: *gets smacked in the face* x#x
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXoxGuest_xoXOSebastianOXox WhisperAdd Friend: o.o sorry
Guest_zellykitten: >#< its okies, at least it was just a pillow*
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXoxGuest_xoXOSebastianOXox WhisperAdd Friend has left the chat
itachiuchihathefour: poof or crash
Guest_zellykitten: he had to go to work
itachiuchihathefour: kk
itachiuchihathefour: im off to sllep
Guest_zellykitten: a;right sleep well
Guest_zellykitten: alright*
itachiuchihathefour: nini & I'll try too
Guest_zellykitten has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten has joined the chat
itachiuchihathefour: wb but nini
Guest_zellykitten: ty and nini
ShakaVierKalan has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: hi shaka
itachiuchihathefour: -has gone to bed-
ShakaVierKalan: morning -stretches-
Guest_zellykitten: >.> hru
ShakaVierKalan: fine and you
Guest_zellykitten: im great, happy i finally opened my own village
ShakaVierKalan: cool, glad to hear it, i figure i say hi since i hardly see you
Guest_zellykitten: v.v you hardly ever come around anymore. but please dont be a stranger to my village, you know youre always welcomed
ShakaVierKalan: -hugs her-
ShakaVierKalan: i hope your ok
Guest_zellykitten: *hugs back* im fine shaka, why wouldnt i be
ShakaVierKalan: just wondering since we hardly hang out
Guest_zellykitten: >.> well maybe if you come around more often we could hang out more
ShakaVierKalan: your room? sure
Guest_zellykitten: mhm...x.x i think im the youngest kage ever..
ShakaVierKalan: well i added it to my favorites
Guest_zellykitten: >.> whats the name of my room then
ShakaVierKalan: your room? Shengakure
ShakaVierKalan: me and my brother sometimes hang out at the Kumoro Clan Estate too
Guest_zellykitten: ok you got me lol
ShakaVierKalan: -hugs her again-
ShakaVierKalan: sorry your still very huggable
Guest_zellykitten: *giggles* its ok shaka
ShakaVierKalan: so how you been? besides a new village?
Guest_zellykitten: ive been good actually, dealing with a bit of family problems. you?
Kezto has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: ello new person
Kezto: hello
ShakaVierKalan: eh about the same and abit of a fever but im ok
Guest_zellykitten: >.< awww im sorry Shaka
ShakaVierKalan: its ok we can always get over it -smiles-
Guest_zellykitten: brb
itachiuchihathefour: plz try not to change, as ive crashed 3 times already 2day
ShakaVierKalan: understood
Kezto: oops outfit list aint loading
itachiuchihathefour: ty
itachiuchihathefour: nini
ShakaVierKalan: nini
Guest_zellykitten: back
ShakaVierKalan: wb
Guest_zellykitten: ty shaka
Kezto has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: o.o hey i changed my RPC name to Kazumi
ShakaVierKalan: yw
ShakaVierKalan: Kazumi it is then
Guest_zellykitten: im still part indian...which is why i dont wear shoes
ShakaVierKalan: -ruffles her hair-
ShakaVierKalan: i guess you fell asleep
Guest_zellykitten: >.< sorry
Guest_zellykitten: i was making food
ShakaVierKalan: ok -ruffles her hair again-
Guest_zellykitten: im wide awake actually
Guest_zellykitten: >..< *fixes her hair*
Guest_zellykitten: btw can you do me a quick fav?
ShakaVierKalan: which is?
Guest_zellykitten: can you rate my room?
ShakaVierKalan: sure
Guest_zellykitten: thank you
ShakaVierKalan: your welcome
ShakaVierKalan has left the chat
PrinceDanielThanos has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: hey daniel
PrinceDanielThanos: hi
Guest_zellykitten: uncle is asleep
Guest_zellykitten: O.O ooohhhhhh fluff!! *tackles*
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos: this is kyle
Guest_zellykitten: *^* nice!
PrinceDanielThanos: :P
Guest_zellykitten: >.> so...hru?
PrinceDanielThanos: good and you?
PrinceDanielThanos: why the >.> ?
Guest_zellykitten: >.> because im looking at you and im good, just adding stuff to my wishlist for my village
PrinceDanielThanos: ok
Guest_zellykitten: >.< youre welcome to stop by whenever
PrinceDanielThanos: ty
Guest_zellykitten: np
PrinceDanielThanos: o.-
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: <.<
Guest_zellykitten: >.>
PrinceDanielThanos: ?
Guest_zellykitten: i saw a mouse
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: *randomly blows bubbles*
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: *blows them at him*
PrinceDanielThanos: ...
PrinceDanielThanos: -pops 1 with my tongue- ew ew ew ew EW
Guest_zellykitten: *giggles* no one told you to do it silly. *pokes the tip of his nose*
PrinceDanielThanos: ....
Guest_zellykitten: o.o what?
PrinceDanielThanos: idk
Guest_zellykitten: *shrugs and blows more bubbles*
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: *pops a bubble and it gets in her eyes* >.< eeeeeep
PrinceDanielThanos: ><
Guest_zellykitten: *rubs her eyes* ouchie...damn bubbles
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos has left the chat
PrinceDanielThanos has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: weba
PrinceDanielThanos: ty
Guest_zellykitten: np
PrinceDanielThanos: :P
Guest_zellykitten: <.< *pokes his tail*
PrinceDanielThanos: ..
Guest_zellykitten: O_O what? im bored
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: <o< *gently tugs on his whiskers*
PrinceDanielThanos: O.o
Guest_zellykitten: <..< what? i dont have any
PrinceDanielThanos: ok..
Guest_zellykitten: *pulls a whisker out*
PrinceDanielThanos: Q.O
Guest_zellykitten: O..O my bad
PrinceDanielThanos: Q.O.......
Guest_zellykitten: >.< *kisses where she pulled it out* better?
PrinceDanielThanos: O.o
Guest_zellykitten: O.O well...*puts a bandaid on it* is that better?
PrinceDanielThanos: lets go make furry babies lol jk
Guest_zellykitten: XD
PrinceDanielThanos: nice boobs btw...sorry, there out there so i was assumeing you were fishing for compliments lol
Guest_zellykitten: X__X i didnt know
Guest_zellykitten: -_- aunt and her bf are into it....
PrinceDanielThanos: into what?
Guest_zellykitten: like arguing and what not
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos: i want your tail
Guest_zellykitten: >.< idk what theyre arguing about
Guest_zellykitten: o_o i forgot how much it is
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos: i can't see who made it
Guest_zellykitten: hold on
Guest_zellykitten: a MelodyDeathWyn made it
PrinceDanielThanos: ok
PrinceDanielThanos: ty
Guest_zellykitten: np
Guest_zellykitten: v.v so much yelling in my livingroom
Guest_zellykitten: well, as long as he dont put his hands on her he can make it out of my house....alive....
PrinceDanielThanos: ok...
PrinceDanielThanos: i think you miss typed the name
Guest_zellykitten: ._. i really dont like arguing....or fighting....
Guest_zellykitten: hold on let me check
Guest_zellykitten: i spelled it right
PrinceDanielThanos: it didn't match anything
Guest_zellykitten: MelodyDeathWyn
PrinceDanielThanos: can you link me to it?
Guest_zellykitten: youre gonna have to look in the female catagory
Guest_zellykitten: nvm hold on
Guest_zellykitten: MelodyDeathWynd
Guest_zellykitten: its 649 creds
PrinceDanielThanos: shes not showing atall
PrinceDanielThanos: oh lol
Guest_zellykitten: did you find it? if not then look up demon wolf tail
Guest_zellykitten: <.< remember you have to be in the female catagory
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos: i am looking at the male stuff atm
Guest_zellykitten: kk
Guest_zellykitten has left the chat
lieren555 has joined the chat
PrinceDanielThanos: hi
lieren555: hey
lieren555: im jiraiya
PrinceDanielThanos: i see that..
lieren555: haha
PrinceDanielThanos: ...
PrinceDanielThanos: no sb please
lieren555 has left the chat
Bloodangel1556 has joined the chat
PrinceDanielThanos: hi
Bloodangel1556: hi
PrinceDanielThanos: hru?
Bloodangel1556: im good you?
PrinceDanielThanos: i'm ok
PrinceDanielThanos: ty^^
Bloodangel1556: np
llKuroUchihall has joined the chat
llKuroUchihall has left the chat
EnigmaticDarkSoul has joined the chat
PrinceDanielThanos: yo
Bloodangel1556: -sneezes-
Bloodangel1556: hi daddy
EnigmaticDarkSoul: hi daughter
Guest_zellykitten has joined the chat
Bloodangel1556: hey zelly
Guest_zellykitten: hellu
Bloodangel1556: how are you
Guest_zellykitten: im good, just got
EnigmaticDarkSoul: hello.
Guest_zellykitten: hey itachi
Bloodangel1556: im good
Bloodangel1556: if you watched jimmy fallon my home town was mentioned
Guest_zellykitten: cool
Guest_zellykitten: -.- my town is mentioned nowhere but the news
PrinceDanielThanos: i m a cute wolfy ^^
Guest_zellykitten: <.< *pokes the tip of his nose* yesh
PrinceDanielThanos: ....
Guest_zellykitten: <.< youre welcome
Bloodangel1556: -hugs father-
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -hugs daughter-
Guest_zellykitten: *wiggles her toes in the grass and giggles softly*
PrinceDanielThanos: oook...
Guest_zellykitten: X__X man its hot outside
PrinceDanielThanos: it's almost 4 O.O
Guest_zellykitten: <.< go to sleep
PrinceDanielThanos: hell no
Guest_zellykitten: XD why not
Guest_zellykitten: i've been up since 6 am
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: O.o thing not tired at all
Bloodangel1556: i woke up around noon and im tired as hell
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: i guess i done caught up with my sleep. i dont be sleepy like i used to
Bloodangel1556: im in need of sleep aids but ppl say i dont need them
Bloodangel1556: all i want is sleep
Bloodangel1556: is that so bad\
Guest_zellykitten: if i tried to sleep right now, it wouldnt work
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Bloodangel1556: it might work with me but...idk anymore
PrinceDanielThanos: XD
Bloodangel1556: i might have sleep apmiea
Bloodangel1556: wouldnt know if i had any medical problems cause i dont go to the dotcot
Bloodangel1556: doctor*
Guest_zellykitten: @_@ i scared the hell out of my ex bf one day. i woke up and he was at the foot of my bed and i was like dfaq are you doing and he said you sleep inhuman
Bloodangel1556: -kills typo fairy-
Bloodangel1556: lol
Guest_zellykitten: O.o i was told i sleep with my eyes halfway open and only the white part be showing and i sometimes growl in my sleep...i didnt believe any of that
PrinceDanielThanos: ....
Guest_zellykitten: yep :I
Bloodangel1556: ppl neev to video u sleeping
Guest_SasukeUchihaHyuga has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: you know what i was planing on doing that one day
PrinceDanielThanos: ?
Guest_zellykitten: i was gonna video tape myself sleeping
Bloodangel1556: lol
Guest_zellykitten: -_- something always distracted me
Bloodangel1556: ppl
Bloodangel1556: cute cat videos?
Guest_zellykitten: people
Bloodangel1556: lol
Guest_zellykitten: @_@ me and my bro tend to wrestle a lot
Guest_zellykitten: but since he moved out we dont do it anymore
Guest_SasukeUchihaHyugaGuest_SasukeUchihaHyuga : hmm nice place.
Guest_SasukeUchihaHyuga: hey, has naruto passed through here?
Guest_nathaniel090 has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: nyu
Guest_zellykitten: hi nat!
Guest_XxSOULREAPER7xXGuest_XxSOULREAPER7xX has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: hellu soul!
Guest_nathaniel090: hi
Guest_zellykitten: hru nat
Bloodangel1556: hi nate
Guest_zellykitten: btw nat im adding a erm bath house to my village so if you ever need a good soak you can just go in there
Guest_nathaniel090: nice
Guest_nathaniel090: andi'm okay i surpose
Guest_zellykitten: @_@ and im making a tea house as well
Guest_nathaniel090: tea sounds nice
ShakaVierKalan has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: hi shaka!
Guest_zellykitten: >.< i got chocolate on my laptop
PrinceDanielThanos: ...
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Itachi would look at the newcomer- who are toy
EnigmaticDarkSoul: you*
Guest_nathaniel090: lick it up zell
Guest_zellykitten: <.< no
Guest_nathaniel090: >.> its still chocolate
Guest_zellykitten: i wiped it off with my bro's sock and he got mad because he just washed it
Guest_nathaniel090: oh nevermind
Guest_zellykitten: i was too lazy to go and get a napkin
Guest_nathaniel090: oh
ShakaVierKalan: I am Shaka Kumoro of the Kumoro clan...-takes to EnigmaticDarkSoul-
ShakaVierKalan: ((talks))
Guest_zellykitten: *raises hand* and he's a close friend of mine!
Guest_SasukeUchihaHyugaGuest_SasukeUchihaHyuga has left the chat
ShakaVierKalan: did you check your gifts zelly?
Guest_zellykitten: o.o i wrote you back and said thank you
ShakaVierKalan: oh i guess i didnt read it and your welcome^^
Guest_zellykitten: *hugs him* well im saying it in person...thank you Shaka
ShakaVierKalan: -hugs back- your welcome
Bloodangel1556: awes
Guest_zellykitten: so how was you grocciery shopping?
ShakaVierKalan: went well
Guest_XxSOULREAPER7xXGuest_XxSOULREAPER7xX : Im so sleepy -_-
Guest_zellykitten: i got a habit about riding around on the cart
ShakaVierKalan: dont we all lol
Guest_zellykitten: <.< go to sleep?
Guest_nathaniel090: yup^^
Guest_zellykitten: when i was younger i rode underneathe one
Guest_nathaniel090: wheni was younger and shorter i slept in one
Guest_zellykitten: >.< i was bad, i kept pulling stuff off the shelves
Bloodangel1556: lol
Guest_nathaniel090: xD
Guest_zellykitten: threw a box of cereal at one of the employies -.- they pissed me off
Bloodangel1556: lol
Bloodangel1556: i need a shower i
Bloodangel1556: ll brb leaving my avi on))
Guest_nathaniel090: ha they deserved it after allno one pisses a girl with an arm for pulling things of the shelf
ShakaVierKalan: wow
Guest_zellykitten: XD
Guest_zellykitten: -_- i tried to drown my bro's turtle
Guest_nathaniel090: was it a turtle that couldswim
Guest_zellykitten: it chewed up my papers
Guest_zellykitten: yep...hell i was young then, i didnt even know what a turtle was
Guest_nathaniel090: ha bet that was hard to do
Guest_zellykitten: -_- it bit me
Guest_zellykitten: so i let it go
Guest_nathaniel090: let it go.... let it go
Bloodangel1556: ((brb shower leaving my avi on))
Guest_nathaniel090: (tyt)
Guest_zellykitten: if i knew what mario was back then, i wouldve stepped on it
Guest_nathaniel090: xD
Guest_zellykitten: i hated that turtle
Guest_nathaniel090: wait>.> do you know who jason david frank is
Guest_zellykitten: <..< nyu
Guest_nathaniel090: >..> did you ever watch mmpr
ShakaVierKalan: -ruffles Zelly hair-
Guest_zellykitten: <..< nyu
Guest_zellykitten: >.< Sh..Shaka! *takes his hat*
Guest_nathaniel090: >..> do you know what mmpr stands for
ShakaVierKalan: lol
Guest_zellykitten: <..< My monkey poops rarely?
Guest_nathaniel090: >..> no its stands for Mighty Morphing Power Rangers old show from the 90's
Guest_zellykitten: i hate the power rangers now....worse acting ive ever seen
Guest_zellykitten: they all end the same
Guest_nathaniel090: i'm not talking about the new ones which suck im talking about the origenal
ShakaVierKalan: too many power ranger shows..
ShakaVierKalan: the original is the best the rest gone sour
Guest_zellykitten: they grow big to defeat the enemie and when the enieme falls, the power rangers turn around to face the camara and make a pose while the enieme explodes in the backgrounnd
Guest_nathaniel090: yup up until ,in my opinion, dinothunder it was the bomb
Guest_nathaniel090: they need to taget us in the shows make them like the origenal
Guest_zellykitten: back then i was all abotu Sonic the hedgehog and kerby
Guest_zellykitten: about*
Guest_nathaniel090: i like sonic and kery kerby was the best at smash
Guest_nathaniel090: ^bros
Guest_zellykitten: my fav char in Sonic was knuckles and shadow
Guest_nathaniel090: yea shadow was a badass andbefore i forget search on youtube hedgehog the sonic
Guest_zellykitten: i still remember the very very first ep of pokemin
Guest_zellykitten: pokemon*
Guest_nathaniel090: i do too sh was running late
Guest_nathaniel090: *ash
Guest_zellykitten: damn it i menat opening
Guest_zellykitten: meant*
Guest_zellykitten: FUCK TYPOS!!!!
Guest_nathaniel090: i do too
Guest_nathaniel090: shit i just forgot
Guest_zellykitten: gotta catchem all!
ShakaVierKalan: -pets zelly-
Guest_nathaniel090: thats the end
Guest_nathaniel090: of the theme
Guest_zellykitten: have you herd the full song?
Guest_zellykitten: *pokes Shaka*
Guest_nathaniel090: not recently
ShakaVierKalan: which song again?
Guest_zellykitten: the song itself is called Pokemon
Guest_nathaniel090: kk
ShakaVierKalan: oh yes i have
Guest_zellykitten: ive even seen the first movie of pokemon
ShakaVierKalan: seen them all
ShakaVierKalan: ok i gonna go now RAMEN!!!
Guest_nathaniel090: i dont think i have
ShakaVierKalan: -ruffles zelly hair and poofs in a cloud of smoke-
ShakaVierKalan has left the chat
llKuroUchihall has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: o.o
Guest_zellykitten: hellu Kuro person
llKuroUchihall: hello
Guest_zellykitten: hru
Guest_nathaniel090: allopenings zell…
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Guest_zellykitten: >.< i dont even like pokemon anymore
Guest_zellykitten: it got annoying after awhile
Guest_nathaniel090: >.> yup
Guest_zellykitten: <.< they kept repeating their names which got annyoing
Guest_XxSOULREAPER7xXGuest_XxSOULREAPER7xX has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: >.< too many Akatsuki cloats
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Guest_nathaniel090: yup goodthing i went with uchiha
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: @_@ im still uchiha, i just went with a casual look
Guest_nathaniel090: mines not casual??????
Guest_zellykitten: wanted to try something a little different
Guest_zellykitten: <.< yesh
Guest_nathaniel090: true
PrinceDanielThanos: <.< >.> <.< >.>
Guest_zellykitten: @__@ daniel...where is you face??!!
Guest_zellykitten: your*
PrinceDanielThanos: behind the mask?
Guest_zellykitten: <.< oh..thought that was some kind of face paint
PrinceDanielThanos: .....
Guest_zellykitten: <.<
Guest_zellykitten: >.>
Guest_zellykitten: i look like a kb monster but im not, my kb isnt even high at all
Guest_zellykitten: <w< nat....remember your dear old friend Slendy?
Guest_nathaniel090: >.> i see you updated slendy
Guest_zellykitten: <<<...<<< you no scared of me anymore are you?
Guest_nathaniel090: >>>>.>>>> im creeped out byhim but not scared
PrinceDanielThanos: nope
Guest_zellykitten: <<<<<<<<.....<<<<<<<< i see....well Slendy is creepy, he has no mind. now he's taking meds
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: he just got out of rehab last week
Guest_nathaniel090: >>>>>>>>>>>>......>>>>>>>>>>>> and i see the meds made the tenicals slimey looking
Guest_zellykitten: <____________________< it keeps at least half of his mind in tact, otherwise he will be everywhere
Guest_nathaniel090: >_______________________________> thats good
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Guest_zellykitten: <,.....,,......,< *holds out his hand* give me your soul boy
PrinceDanielThanos: who?
Guest_zellykitten: nat
Guest_nathaniel090: no
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: please?
Guest_zellykitten: i promise you toys and lollipops
JinKomozaki: lower kbs or i boot)
Guest_zellykitten: kb wasnt even that high but ok
JinKomozaki: anything above 2500kb isnt allowed
Guest_zellykitten: *shugs* kk
JinKomozaki: hey bro >.>
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((zelly will not be booted))
JinKomozaki: (im a mod i enforce rules)
JinKomozaki: (tell me not to i will boot)
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((if u boot zelly u will be removed of modship))
Guest_zellykitten: ((if he wants me to leave then i will kindly leave...i didnt even do shit to him))
JinKomozaki: (dei wont remove my modship genuis ive known him longer)
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((im his brother))
JinKomozaki: (im his brother in rl)
JinKomozaki: (i think i win this arguement)
Guest_nathaniel090: jincalm down
Guest_nathaniel090: nvm scratch that
JinKomozaki: nat ur good its me sasukeuchiha123chan
PrinceDanielThanos: all boobs in this room are to be callemed....hence the saying, calm your tits...))
Guest_nathaniel090: (ithought the saying was calm your balls)
PrinceDanielThanos: nope))
Guest_nathaniel090: (oh....)
JinKomozaki: (i am just enforcing my brothers rules thats all. if people cant respect rules they dont need to be in here)
PrinceDanielThanos: balls are always calm, it would not make sense..))
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((even though shes not a mod zelly is a rp of itachiuchihathefour))
JinKomozaki: (XD well thanos thts random)
EnigmaticDarkSoul: niece*))
JinKomozaki: (she only rp with him cause she is my daughter. she wouldnt even know anyof u without me
JinKomozaki: )
Guest_zellykitten: ((actually i knew nat before you))
JinKomozaki: (eniga u obvesly dont remember ur brother sasukeuchiha123chan
JinKomozaki: (i meant dei and eni)
Guest_zellykitten: ((i met eni through uncle))
JinKomozaki: (u met ur uncle through me)
JinKomozaki: (thus u met eni from me)
Guest_zellykitten: ((oh...ok i guess))
JinKomozaki: (and ive accepted u dating/marrying kiba even if i dont like him anymore)
JinKomozaki: (dont like seeing my kids upset and i want them happy - .-)
Guest_zellykitten: ((>...> plus...who the hell are you married to?))
Guest_nathaniel090: (im an older friend ^^)
JinKomozaki: (aslyn)
Guest_zellykitten: ((idk who that is))
JinKomozaki: (my ex from a yr ago XD)
PrinceDanielThanos: night all
JinKomozaki: night
JinKomozaki: nini
Guest_nathaniel090: byetheo
Guest_nathaniel090: *thano
PrinceDanielThanos: acturly i'll stay a bit))
Guest_nathaniel090: (okay thano )
PrinceDanielThanos: this is entertaining lol))
JinKomozaki: so wats with the akatsuki outfits o.e
Guest_nathaniel090: jin you look like dei only he was white skin and you dont
PrinceDanielThanos: cos i want to
Guest_nathaniel090: (mines uchiha)
JinKomozaki: cuz me and dei got our cloaks together
Guest_nathaniel090: cool
Guest_zellykitten: O.O daddy look at this Komono i got on
JinKomozaki: mine is the full hermit of six paths deis is partial
JinKomozaki: and i see o.e
PrinceDanielThanos: >:D
Guest_nathaniel090: gtg be on some time peice)
JinKomozaki: (boots, pants, staff, horns i got them all
Guest_nathaniel090 has left the chat
JinKomozaki: piece
JinKomozaki: and seal
Guest_zellykitten: <....> too many fucking sages
PrinceDanielThanos: LOL
JinKomozaki: im indra's official descendant
JinKomozaki: dare is asura
PrinceDanielThanos: now i want a sage scarf XD
JinKomozaki: 's descendant
JinKomozaki: and my friend michael is Hagoroma the official one
Guest_zellykitten: <.< *pull off his mask*
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
Guest_zellykitten: <.< no
PrinceDanielThanos: cool boy tamaki uchiha o.-
PrinceDanielThanos: <,<
JinKomozaki: XD
JinKomozaki: official akatsuki member aswell
JinKomozaki: anbu jonin
JinKomozaki: side
JinKomozaki: uchiha anbu jonin :D
JinKomozaki: obito
JinKomozaki: madara
JinKomozaki: susano'o madara
JinKomozaki: sasuke eternal susano'o
PrinceDanielThanos: lower kbs
JinKomozaki: best of all all my stuff cost me 50k
PrinceDanielThanos: grrrr
PrinceDanielThanos: -looks up at kurama-
JinKomozaki: -kicks the fox brat-
JinKomozaki: <.<
PrinceDanielThanos: >.>
JinKomozaki: -sits in zellys lap- santa i want jeff the killer outfit :D
PrinceDanielThanos: i will make kurama eat you
JinKomozaki: ill control kurama
Guest_zellykitten: >.< *pinches his ass* off now!
JinKomozaki: im indra's descendant i mastered all genjutsu and ninshuu
JinKomozaki: -leaps up and farts in her face on accident-
JinKomozaki: :O
PrinceDanielThanos: .....
PrinceDanielThanos: ew..
Guest_zellykitten: -.- *wafs it in Daniel's direction*
PrinceDanielThanos: -dodges-
Guest_zellykitten: XD
JinKomozaki: xD
PrinceDanielThanos: -sends the smell into the other dimention with my sharingan and brings it back in jins
PrinceDanielThanos: nose-
Guest_zellykitten: lol.
PrinceDanielThanos: >:D
JinKomozaki: -is use to the smell and eats a dango as his sharingan began spinning thus sending Daniels left lung into a void while replacing it with a kitten-
PrinceDanielThanos: .....
Guest_zellykitten: *facepalm* i feel sorry for your wife
PrinceDanielThanos: wtf?
PrinceDanielThanos: thats just weird
Guest_zellykitten: XD ikr
PrinceDanielThanos: whod wife?
PrinceDanielThanos: *who
Guest_zellykitten: daddy's
JinKomozaki: (i control gravity and space)
PrinceDanielThanos: lol
PrinceDanielThanos: behold
JinKomozaki: u know what kiba is allowed at my village again
PrinceDanielThanos: i am a mighty saiyan
Guest_zellykitten: (( i control....wait for it wait for it......GIANT SOCKS!!))
JinKomozaki: im done with the drama amber brought me so im giving everyone a second chance
JinKomozaki: except amber XD
JinKomozaki: -stabs himself in the leg with a kunai-
Guest_zellykitten: *pulls it out* dfaq are you doing?
PrinceDanielThanos: ...
PrinceDanielThanos: don't make me go super saiyan pal
Guest_zellykitten: XD
PrinceDanielThanos: -charges ki-
PrinceDanielThanos: AHHHHHH
PrinceDanielThanos: behold my power
Guest_zellykitten: >.> *puts hand on his head* just how much hair gel do you use?
PrinceDanielThanos: -ss2-
Guest_zellykitten: >.> too much gel
PrinceDanielThanos: this is ssj2
PrinceDanielThanos: and this goes even beyond ssj2
PrinceDanielThanos: super saiyan 3
PrinceDanielThanos: and THIS
JinKomozaki: -faps off-
PrinceDanielThanos: is to push all limits
PrinceDanielThanos: ew..
Guest_zellykitten: O___O *moves*
PrinceDanielThanos: you ruined my moment
Guest_zellykitten: @___@
JinKomozaki: XD
JinKomozaki: good
PrinceDanielThanos: -blasts jin's face-
JinKomozaki: -has jiz shoot on daniel- >:D enjoy the lotion
PrinceDanielThanos: -dodges-
PrinceDanielThanos: gross
JinKomozaki: -voids his dodge-
Guest_zellykitten: x,x
PrinceDanielThanos: -voids your void-
PrinceDanielThanos: i win
PrinceDanielThanos: ok eyes burning
JinKomozaki: (voids his void due to being rp official judge-
PrinceDanielThanos: g night tc
JinKomozaki: nini
PrinceDanielThanos: you wish pal lol
PrinceDanielThanos: tc all
Guest_zellykitten: TC!
PrinceDanielThanos has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: <.< are you done fapping?
JinKomozaki: maybe
JinKomozaki: -stabs his leg again-
Guest_zellykitten: <.< *scoots over one more seat*
Guest_zellykitten: WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?!
Bloodangel1556 has joined the chat
JinKomozaki: -sends the kunai into the air using a vortex lotus flower sharingan which would then teleport the kunai inside angels uterues-
Guest_zellykitten: -___- *VOIDS!!!!*
Guest_zellykitten: <.< perv
Bloodangel1556: do i wanna know
JinKomozaki: *voids her voiding power*
Guest_zellykitten: *facepalm*
JinKomozaki: -face desks-
Guest_zellykitten: *facewall*
Bloodangel1556: zelly what is going on here
Guest_zellykitten: you dont wanna know
Bloodangel1556: actually i do if it involves me
Guest_zellykitten: <.< he put a kunai in your uterus
Bloodangel1556: why?
Bloodangel1556: jin?
JinKomozaki: (cuz i had to protect the future kittens D:
Guest_zellykitten: yesh
Bloodangel1556: so you stuck a sharp weapon inside my body
JinKomozaki: yup
JinKomozaki: :P
Bloodangel1556: is the said kittens mine or zelly's?
JinKomozaki: zellys
JinKomozaki: >.>
JinKomozaki: its name is squishy
Bloodangel1556: get it out now
Bloodangel1556: Daddy
JinKomozaki: daddy?
EnigmaticDarkSoul: yes daughter
Guest_zellykitten: <.< you said angel
Bloodangel1556: jin put something inside my body
JinKomozaki: its a kunai :D
Bloodangel1556: ik
JinKomozaki: in her uterus
Bloodangel1556: i want it out
Guest_zellykitten: @_@ *walks away from everyone*
JinKomozaki: -follows his daughter-
Guest_zellykitten: O____O *walks faster*
JinKomozaki: -walks a bit faster aswell-
JinKomozaki: :3
Guest_zellykitten: DX stop following me! i want to have kids someday! *runs*
JinKomozaki: -teleports in her uterus-
JinKomozaki: XD
EnigmaticDarkSoul: .....
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((i've g2g))
JinKomozaki: tyt
JinKomozaki: ttyl
JinKomozaki: . _ . damn typo
Bloodangel1556: ((fine leave me with the crazy man))
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((i'll be back daughter))
Bloodangel1556: ((better be
JinKomozaki: -teleports in angels uterus and sleeps-
JinKomozaki: i will be born again
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((i will))
Guest_zellykitten: .__. dear god
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((void))
Guest_zellykitten: XD
JinKomozaki: (im a rp official u cant void my posts only a judge can)
JinKomozaki: (XD_
Bloodangel1556: ((can we void the post about him sticking a kuni in my body?))
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((yes that one void also))
Bloodangel1556: ((ty))
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((to back jin))
JinKomozaki: (kunai yeah ill let u void)
EnigmaticDarkSoul: bad*
Guest_zellykitten: <...<
JinKomozaki: (a kunai is dangerous-
JinKomozaki: )
JinKomozaki: -shrinks into a baby-
EnigmaticDarkSoul: angel watch over ur uncle while im gone
Guest_zellykitten: <.< you stay away from my eggs daddy
EnigmaticDarkSoul has left the chat
JinKomozaki: -crawls around and explodes into skittles as the real jin lays with his brother-
Guest_zellykitten: *shakes head* what am i gonna do with you daddy
Bloodangel1556: he's crazy im sorry to say it but i think he is
JinKomozaki: nah just alilttly insane sense i dont like woman except my aslyn
JinKomozaki: and my daughter
JinKomozaki: >.> and my cat
JinKomozaki: and my dog
JinKomozaki: and parrot
JinKomozaki: lizzard
JinKomozaki: snake
JinKomozaki: fish
JinKomozaki: tree
JinKomozaki: -sticks acid inside zellys uterus-
JinKomozaki: >:I no baby
Guest_zellykitten: >.>
Bloodangel1556: well at least he's honest
Guest_zellykitten: he knows im gonna have one anyway lol
JinKomozaki: mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha\
Bloodangel1556: i was going to then the child died
JinKomozaki: -burns her uterus with lava and devours her spleen-
Guest_zellykitten: *VOIDS!!*
JinKomozaki: -voids her void-
JinKomozaki: -devrs his brother brain-
Guest_zellykitten: >.> hell no
JinKomozaki: its RAPE TIME
JinKomozaki: XD
Guest_zellykitten: >.<
JinKomozaki: come here little girls
JinKomozaki: -holds out his staff-
Guest_zellykitten: O_O you cant rape us! we are family!
JinKomozaki: >:O
itachiuchihathefour: >.>
Guest_zellykitten: D: uncle! *hides behind him*
JinKomozaki: brother :D
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JinKomozaki: -nums on his brain-
Bloodangel1556: i think he's lost his mind-
JinKomozaki: this is how bros sleep together
JinKomozaki: back to back
Guest_zellykitten: its a little too late for that angel
itachiuchihathefour: -sighs- have u been drinking?
JinKomozaki: -he would toss his shajuko as it would penetrate angels anus- YES
JinKomozaki: yes i have
Bloodangel1556: i hope he's drunk
Guest_zellykitten: he is
Bloodangel1556: ok so i dont need to be worried?
Guest_zellykitten: nope :I
JinKomozaki: :#
Bloodangel1556: ok
FlameFistAce: ~he walk up to them~ yo
Guest_zellykitten: SERIOUSLY!
JinKomozaki: xDDD
JinKomozaki: wait i think i know flame o.e
JinKomozaki: -holds out sake as a test-
Guest_zellykitten: *sings the alphabet*
itachiuchihathefour: -smh- ur drunk
Bloodangel1556: uncle?
FlameFistAce: ~looked at him~ who are u..
JinKomozaki: sasukeuchiha123chan
FlameFistAce has left the chat
JinKomozaki: xD
JinKomozaki: my name boots
Guest_zellykitten: *take daddy's sake and gulps it down*
JinKomozaki: :O
FlameFistAce has joined the chat
Bloodangel1556: jin you need to sleep
JinKomozaki: my sake
JinKomozaki: sasukeuchiha123chan is my orginal name
Guest_zellykitten: *hic* o////o
itachiuchihathefour: -yawns- still sleepy
JinKomozaki: -plays with meh hair-
Bloodangel1556: zelly that was strong sake
JinKomozaki: get some sleep ototou san
itachiuchihathefour: it's 6am
FlameFistAce: sorry i lagged out ~.~"
Guest_zellykitten: o.- *pokes daddy in the eye*
JinKomozaki: its kool
JinKomozaki: and get some SLEEP >:O
itachiuchihathefour > JinKomozaki: other side of me plz
JinKomozaki: -he would cover his brothers mouth and nose-
JinKomozaki whispers: kk
FlameFistAce: o.e"
Bloodangel1556: sigma?
Guest_zellykitten: he's trying to kill uncle!
itachiuchihathefour > Bloodangel1556: no, izuna (snr)
FlameFistAce: are u sure he is ok letting him do all that? :l
JinKomozaki: im deis older brther :D
Bloodangel1556: Izuna come sit with me
JinKomozaki: its all kool
Bloodangel1556 whispers: ok
Guest_zellykitten: ....?
JinKomozaki: dei was his orginal username fyo
JinKomozaki: fyi
itachiuchihathefour: they know
JinKomozaki: im seriously hyper XD
JinKomozaki: even if im sick
Guest_zellykitten: *juggles pillows*
Bloodangel1556: -slaps jin with a fish-
itachiuchihathefour: ((not the real dei. it was: Deidaralovesasori))
JinKomozaki: -he would eat the fish as he would then burp in her face-
Bloodangel1556: nasty
FlameFistAce: >-<"..
JinKomozaki: nasty slappin people with a raw sushi like tht
Guest_zellykitten: *pokes ace*
itachiuchihathefour: ((eh, im gonna bk to sleep))
JinKomozaki: -gives ace a box of dango's-
FlameFistAce: ~poked zelly back~ :o
JinKomozaki: (kk)
itachiuchihathefour: ((nini))
Guest_zellykitten: o..o *pokes his cheek* *hic* ((nini uncle))
FlameFistAce: (nini)
Bloodangel1556: ((nini izuna))
JinKomozaki: (nini otouto san
FlameFistAce: >.<"
JinKomozaki: )
itachiuchihathefour > JinKomozaki: ((same pose irl)) -falls (bk) asleep in ur arms-
FlameFistAce: ~pokes back~
Guest_zellykitten: >..< ouch
FlameFistAce: d-did i hurt u T^T
JinKomozaki: she's drunk -he hiccups-
JinKomozaki: my daughter is mellow dramatic
Guest_zellykitten: o.o nyu i was just kidding
Guest_zellykitten: *gently pulls his cheek*
JinKomozaki: (gtg gotto goto work)
Guest_zellykitten: ((tccccccccc taco stand))
JinKomozaki has left the chat
FlameFistAce has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: then there was 3
Bloodangel1556: is your father ok zelly
Guest_zellykitten: -_- he's hyply drunk
Bloodangel1556: ook
FlameFistAce has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: weba o.o *tosses an acorn at him*
FlameFistAce: t-ty ~he took the corn and eats~ its the net again
Guest_zellykitten: o.o are you ok?
FlameFistAce: ya ^^
Guest_zellykitten: x.x you ate a acorn
EnigmaticDarkSoul has joined the chat
FlameFistAce: ik i was hungry i didnt eat anything today ~.~"
Guest_zellykitten: weba itachi
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ty
Guest_zellykitten: o.o *reaches for ace's goggles*
Guest_zellykitten: yw
FlameFistAce: ~.~" ~yawn~
Guest_zellykitten: *puts them on* tired ace?
FlameFistAce: i woked up from 45 mins ago :3
Bloodangel1556: wb father
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ty daughter
Guest_zellykitten: aww *hands him a pillow* just incase o.o
FlameFistAce: ~took the pillow~ heh np then
Bloodangel1556: jin is crazy
Bloodangel1556: and he's also drunk
Guest_zellykitten: *tires to walk around with his goggles on*
FlameFistAce: guess u liked them?
Guest_zellykitten: they look like the goggles Ace from one piece have
FlameFistAce: yup.
Bloodangel1556: -snuggles close to father
FlameFistAce: well close enough to it tho
Guest_zellykitten: >.< i love Ace...he's my most fav char on one piece
FlameFistAce: he is my first fav charater in my anime list
Guest_zellykitten: v.v R.I.P Ace
FlameFistAce has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: O.O poof
FlameFistAce has joined the chat
FlameFistAce: T^T..
Guest_zellykitten: aww *hugs him*
FlameFistAce: ^^ ~hugs back~
Guest_zellykitten: yay i made him happy *kisses his cheek and pulls him inside*
FlameFistAce: hehe in few seconds :3
Guest_zellykitten: X3
Guest_zellykitten: D: your it ok?
FlameFistAce: y-yes
Guest_zellykitten: doesnt seem like. *slowly reaches for it*
FlameFistAce: ~he took it off~ here
Guest_zellykitten: *gently kisses his eye* better?
FlameFistAce: ~nods~
Guest_zellykitten: ^^ good
Guest_zellykitten: >.< s...sorry about your eye sweetie
FlameFistAce has left the chat
Guest_zellykitten: v.v Ace...
FlameFistAce has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten: x.x weba
FlameFistAce: back T^T
Guest_zellykitten: >.< *hugs him again*
FlameFistAce: ~hugs back~ T^T
Guest_zellykitten: >.< no sad face
FlameFistAce: ~nods~ s-sorry
Guest_zellykitten: dont be..its ok *smiles*
FlameFistAce: ~smiled softly~
Guest_zellykitten: yay he smiled :D
FlameFistAce: :3
Guest_zellykitten: X3 ill also give you fluffy hugs if you ever need any
FlameFistAce: as u say :3
FlameFistAce: and about my eye can i put the patch back?
Guest_zellykitten: yesh you may
FlameFistAce: ~put his patch back~ :3
Guest_zellykitten: *paws at his cheeks*
FlameFistAce: :o
Guest_zellykitten: owo
FlameFistAce: ~he touches her paws~ whoa
Guest_zellykitten: ^^
Guest_zellykitten: fluffy isnt it
FlameFistAce: ya it is :D
Guest_zellykitten: X3 *puts a paw over his eye*
FlameFistAce: >-<
Guest_zellykitten: >w< *pokes him with her tail*
FlameFistAce: ~he catches her tail~ :3
Guest_zellykitten: o.o *fluffs it a bit*
FlameFistAce: ~didnt let go~ >-< i like it
Guest_zellykitten: ^^ thanks. its freakin huge
FlameFistAce: :o cool
Guest_zellykitten: <.<
Guest_zellykitten: >.>
FlameFistAce: o.o" wooha
FlameFistAce: ~he catches her tail~ :I
Guest_zellykitten: >.< i have a lot of furries but i dont wanna lag uncle out
FlameFistAce: awesome and its ok no need to show it all :3
FlameFistAce: ~put his hand on his belly~..i,m really hungry now..
Guest_zellykitten: o.o go eat?
FlameFistAce: i will now
FlameFistAce: so
FlameFistAce: brb
Guest_zellykitten: tyt
FlameFistAce: back ~.~"
Guest_zellykitten: weba
FlameFistAce: ty
Guest_zellykitten: np
FlameFistAce: ~pating his belly~
Bloodangel1556: -falls asleep-
FlameFistAce: they all fall asleep
Guest_zellykitten: di you eat good?
FlameFistAce: n-no..
FlameFistAce: c-cuz i didnt find something to eat just bread so i ate two
Guest_zellykitten: o.o oh i see...well im sorry hun. we dont have anything to eat either
FlameFistAce: .no worries two are enough for me
FlameFistAce: ~he stands up~
Guest_zellykitten: *sighs* can i ask you guys a question?
FlameFistAce: go ahead?
Guest_zellykitten: if a guy ask a girl what kind of music they listen to, does that mean that the guy is hitting on her or no
FlameFistAce: its normal he ask tho..
Guest_zellykitten: THANK YOU!!!! my bf got fucking pissed off when my best friend bill asked me that question
FlameFistAce: y-yw o.o"
Guest_zellykitten: my fucking god! *paces back and forth super pissed off*
FlameFistAce: u sure u ok..?
Guest_zellykitten: im trying to remain calm...he pissed me off
FlameFistAce: ~sits~ i see, then calm ur self
Guest_zellykitten: *a few tears roll down her cheeks* this is not what i wanted in a relationship....
FlameFistAce: ~he start to wipe her tears away with his hand~ d-dont cry i dont want to see u
FlameFistAce: crying..
Guest_zellykitten: well thanks to him i lost my brother permantly...
FlameFistAce: ..and he call him self a man
Guest_zellykitten: *sighs*
FlameFistAce: ~he hugs her softly~..
Guest_zellykitten: *hugs back*
FlameFistAce: ..and why u still with him?
Guest_zellykitten: ._. well, when i look at him, its like looking in the mirror....we both have anger issues...not gonna lie i do get a bit jealous when he talks to other girl idk
FlameFistAce: i see now..why dont u tell him u get jealous?
Guest_zellykitten: because he barely talks to any women...he gets mad when i give one of my male friends a hug to a tap on the shoulder
FlameFistAce: i see
FlameFistAce: .why dont u sit with him and talk about it?
Guest_zellykitten: im doing that now on skype....yet he's trying to fucking prove my statement wrong....
FlameFistAce: ..he isnt that easy
Guest_zellykitten: no...he isnt....fucking stubborn
FlameFistAce: i dont want to get between u and him and make it worse..
Guest_zellykitten: its ok...there is no negotiating with him.....he's like one of the types of people that doesnt like to be wrong
FlameFistAce: and not easy..
Bloodangel1556: father?
EnigmaticDarkSoul: yes daughter
Guest_zellykitten: .__. angel...keep this in
Bloodangel1556: u ok
EnigmaticDarkSoul: yea
FlameFistAce: she is kinda upset :l
Guest_zellykitten: *walks outside*
FlameFistAce: :l
FlameFistAce: ~get up and walk out to her~ z-zelly?
Guest_zellykitten: hm?
FlameFistAce: s-sorry if i,m like this..but i dont like to see a lady sad..
Guest_zellykitten: its ok *looks down* youre only trying to help
UchiwaSasuke has joined the chat
FlameFistAce: i,m trying my best..~he move her head up with his two fingers on her chin~..
EnigmaticDarkSoul: welcome
Guest_zellykitten: well, youre doing a good job.
UchiwaSasuke: Hey.
FlameFistAce: then dont look down..keep least..
Guest_zellykitten: well, usually i wouldve closed my laptop and not get on it for about a week or 2
EnigmaticDarkSoul: how r u
FlameFistAce: and i guess nothing changed?..
Guest_zellykitten: im still here arent i?
FlameFistAce: ya..
Bloodangel1556: -coughs in my sleep-
Guest_zellykitten: ive learned to control my anger. i mean i love him with all my heart and id do anything for him, but...he needs to control his anger a bit more
FlameFistAce: if he just can understands u..
Guest_zellykitten: *hugs her knees into her chest* ill just give him time to cool off
FlameFistAce: ~nods~ good idea..dont talk to him till he calm his self..
Guest_zellykitten: im gonna log off for a bit. im sleepy and i dont feel good. ill be on later
FlameFistAce: kk u tc
Guest_zellykitten: thanks, you too
FlameFistAce: i will..
Guest_zellykitten: kk
EnigmaticDarkSoul: tc
Guest_zellykitten has left the chat
FlameFistAce: ~get up walk to his room~..
Bloodangel1556: mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew
FlameFistAce: i,m going for now i feel kinda dizzy..
UchiwaSasuke has left the chat
Bloodangel1556: ok
FlameFistAce: tc
FlameFistAce has left the chat
Bloodangel1556: -coughs-
EnigmaticDarkSoul: u ok isis
Bloodangel1556: im fine
Guest_ShadowHeartx has joined the chat
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha has joined the chat
Bloodangel1556: hey sakura
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: hey girl
Bloodangel1556: how are you
Guest_ShadowHeartx: -spys-
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: im well a little dizzy aka sleepy
Bloodangel1556: awes
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: (i been swimming all day)
Guest_ShadowHeartx: :p
EnigmaticDarkSoul: -Itachi would look at the newcomer- who are you
Guest_ShadowHeartx: a normal uchiha
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -sense chakra and poofs behind the new comer with a knife- not where im standing-holds her ground-
Guest_ShadowHeartx: .........
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: ...
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: a normal uchiha huh?
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: do explain..
Guest_ShadowHeartx: hmm should i
Guest_ShadowHeartx: nah
Guest_ShadowHeartx: not worth the time
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -puts her sword by his neck- YOU WILL ANSWER
Guest_ShadowHeartx: -grins-
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: we can do this the hard way or easy way
Guest_ShadowHeartx: turns on sharingan
Guest_ShadowHeartx: lets dance...
EnigmaticDarkSoul: ((no 3D))
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -holds her ground and study his movement-
Guest_ShadowHeartx: draws sword
Guest_amethystslove has joined the chat
Guest_ShadowHeartx: ?
Guest_ShadowHeartx: ur not going make a move
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -runs after him and slides down with stars-
Guest_ShadowHeartx: dosjes
Guest_ShadowHeartx has left the chat
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -huffs-
Guest_amethystslove: (hey)
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: (hi)
Guest_amethystslove: (how are you?)
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: i could be better
Guest_amethystslove: (aww, how hope you feel better)
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha has left the chat
Bloodangel1556: ((ima go for a bit im going to see if i can get more paint))
Guest_amethystslove: alright
Bloodangel1556 has left the chat
Guest_amethystslove has left the chat
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha has joined the chat
itachiuchihathefour: -yawns-
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: hey sweetiehead
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: *sleepyhead
itachiuchihathefour: morning
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -kisses his forehead-
itachiuchihathefour: -grumbles-
itachiuchihathefour > Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: im izuna atm
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha whispers: oh crap my bad
Bloodangel1556 has joined the chat
itachiuchihathefour: wb
EnigmaticDarkSoul: wb
Bloodangel1556: ty
Bloodangel1556: im not in a good mood atm
itachiuchihathefour: kk
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: okay...
Bloodangel1556: a friend of mine(today's her birthday) is bragging about going to a concert
Bloodangel1556: and she knows how i am on stuff like this
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: jealious ..?
Bloodangel1556: a lil
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: brb
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha has left the chat
Bloodangel1556: ((i got new paint and im happy with that
itachiuchihathefour: ((kk))
Bloodangel1556: (i made an ink blot looking thing)
itachiuchihathefour: ((lol))
Bloodangel1556: ((ikr))
itachiuchihathefour: ((mhm))
Bloodangel1556: wanna see it
itachiuchihathefour: gimme a sec.
Bloodangel1556: ok
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha has joined the chat
Bloodangel1556: wb
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: ty
Bloodangel1556: np
FlameFistAce has joined the chat
Guest_zellykitten has joined the chat
FlameFistAce: zelly??
itachiuchihathefour: ((laggy))
Guest_zellykitten: hm? oh hey Ace.
FlameFistAce: hey, how u doing now?
Guest_zellykitten: better than what i was earlier
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXox has joined the chat
FlameFistAce: glad to hear it..
Guest_zellykitten: yea....thanks for helping me out Ace. *leans against the wall*
FlameFistAce: i did what i have to do..~sits down~..
Guest_zellykitten: *nods* hey jes
Guest_xoXOSebastianOXox: Hello Ma'am, how are you?
Guest_zellykitten: im in there.
Guest_SakuraDarkUchiha: -falls asleep on ground-
FlameFistAce: ~he look at her~
Bloodangel1556: -yawns and then sneezes-
Yeah, as you can tell I haven't done a journal for almost 1yr.
I got AUD$200 (AUD$150 check & AUD$50 in cash), a dragonfly charm/necklace & chocolates.
Then I log in today (7/7/14) & found out that I've got a mention on the :iconall-naruto-cosplay: best picture for the week ((all-naruto-cosplay.deviantart.…)) & I came in 3rd place.
This have never happend to me before.


Light Venusaur
Current Residence: Konoha & Risembool (this is not where I live)
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: ANY!
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons (not DB/Z/GT), FMA, Pokemon or Naruto
Skin of choice: Water Pokemon-SPPF
Favourite cartoon character: FMA-Ed, PKMN-Eeveelutions
Personal Quote: RED DWAN (as I'm a Risembool Ranger)
Yeah, as you can tell I haven't done a journal for almost 1yr.
I got AUD$200 (AUD$150 check & AUD$50 in cash), a dragonfly charm/necklace & chocolates.
Then I log in today (7/7/14) & found out that I've got a mention on the :iconall-naruto-cosplay: best picture for the week ((all-naruto-cosplay.deviantart.…)) & I came in 3rd place.
This have never happend to me before.

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